When will then be now?

By krell
  • A star is born.

    I attended a summer workshop through VBCPS for the Gifted and Tallented. a MR. Joe Burnsworth was the teacher of said program at PA and I remember auditioning (horribly) to attend the theatre program. A VERY different thing for me that summer, as usually I went to Girlsd Scout Camp. In this program I met Nancy Curtis and was chosen to stage manage the summer production of Midsummer Night's Dream. My love of theatre and my love of "being in charge" were born!
  • Fools

    As a senior in high school I directed a cast of faculty (Featuring one Gene Soltner) in Neil Simon's, Fools. I realized that teachers are people too and they had a pretty good gig.
  • Large and in Charge

    Created my own Drama 4 curricuum. Created a touring children's theatre group at Bayside High School. Contacted schools to perform, audition and directed my teen peers. Recieved a GS Gold Award (highest honor on Gilr Scouting) for my efforts. I realized here that theatre is a powerful teaching tool for both the performer and the audience.
  • My mother's worst nightmare.

    I met a boy. I had been accepted to SIU, but I would back out on out of state college, because, as I said, I met a boy. He was only a sophomore at PA and I couldnt bare to leave the "love of my life". I'll just go to TCC instead. My mother's heart broke.
  • Out of the nest!

    My dad was transferred to Great Lakes. My family up and moved - they ditched me. I stayed in VB...because of the boy...
  • Home again

    Very nearly attaining my associates degree at TCC, events spiraled out of control. I was evicted from my very crappy roomamte's apartment. The boyfriend (same one by the way) was headed off to Virginia Tech. So, I joined my parents in Illinois and attended Community Lakes College where I did earn my AS in education, despite having to take several classes over again. The credit transfer system sucks!
  • Let me OUT.

    I couldnt stand living under the grey skies of Chicago and I returned to VB. I found an apartment with my BFF and I enrolled in ODU - thinking that a BA in Middle School education would be a breeze. ODU said I had to pick 2 strands, so I enrolled in English and Social Studies. (Mathe and Science were/are SO not my gig!) The boyfriend didnt do so well at VT and he returned to VB as well.
  • Ummm

    Things at ODU arent going so well. I hate my classes, not fond of the school, just ugh. However the BFF and I needed a 3rd roomate to help with costs so "that boy" moved in with us. My mother still wasnt happy.
    I had also gotten a job at Haverty's Furniture and was quickly promoted from part time office associate to full time office manager. This did NOT help with my schooling.
  • All grown up.

    The very same boyfriend an I buy a house and my BFF leaves to attend law school at William and Mary. I'm stuck spinning my wheels as a part time students thats prone to skipping classes and working LOTS of overtime at Haverty's.
  • Lightbulb!

    I HATED HATED HATED my job at Haverty's but I loved the people. I realized that if I didnt get out and finish my degree I would never be a teacher. I put in my notice at Haverty's with tears on my cheeks and never looked back.
  • Goin to the Chapel.

    I married that boy I met in 1993. Not every "dumb" teenage decision is actually dumb. I dont think SIU was ever supposed to be on my timeline, but I KNOW the boy was. Thank God for him.
  • Finishline?

    FINALLY I have arrived at student teaching! THIS is where I am supposed to be. I taught 8 weeks at Norview Middle in Norfolk and 8 weeks at Salem High. I LOVED it, but I was met with a LOT of disgust and dispair. The teachers were tired, cranky and burnt out. They gave me well meaning advice to save myself, but I couldnt understand why they were so negative. Teaching was my DREAM. I applied to teach all over the city.
  • Heartbreak

    Teachers are back in session and I didnt have a job. I interviewed at Salem and was passed over for THREE other people. I interviewed at Bayside with now DR. Soltner. Sureky he would give me a job. He went another direction as well. I was heartbroken and devastated to say the least.
  • Opportunity is not a lengthy visitor.

    A job opens up at Salem High. I will have 3 preps and I'll pilot the 9th grade inclusion classroom with a teacher nobody else wants to work with. IM IN! Turns out I had been passed over in favor of 3 teachers who were given coaching positions. The school's priorities seemed obvious to me and it was the first big blow to what I had envisioned as an ideal job.
    My inclusion teacher was WONDERFUL and it was from her that I learned the value of collaboration and sharing.
  • AJK

    I love teaching!! I volunteer with the Drama Department as a Technical Director, my passion. THIS is what I set out to do 10 years ago. I love my inclusion teacher, despite "snotty" colleagues that threw us out of a "work" room for talking out loud (God forbid!) we have found a comfortable working relationship and founded a successful program. Another boy has come into my life - we named him Xander and he is perfect, 10 tiny fingers and 10 tiny toes.
  • WRK

    Teaching is great still. SHS is slated to get the Visual and performing Arts academy next year. I will give up my position as TD, but thats probably because I'm distracted by another boy coming into my life. Equally perfect, though a pound bigger than his brother, we named him Liam.
  • Noticed

    Over the past few years I've been noticed for what Im doing quietly in my classroom and in my building. The Academy director wansedme to teach an Academy 9 English class. Then an Academy 10. I've also been bumped up to teaching 10th grade inclusion.
  • Things keep changing

    Now they want me to teach AVID classes and HONORS 10. I gotta tell ya, Honors 10 is a far cry from Inclusion 9 y'all.
  • Spinning a little faster.

    No more inclusion. For the first time ever, I have to teach on my own two feet. What I leared is that even though I'm teaching alone - I'm never really alone. Resources abound and there are a MILLION great ideas out there. That boy I married is successful in his work and when I wanted a projector that the school couldnt/wouldnt purchase, I bought it myself. I can see through watching him work that technology is where we are failing our students and I am determined to change the "status quo".
  • Rep

    Ive earned this reputation as the "tech guru". Im SO NOT. I'm just willing to take chances and try to figure things out as I go along. This rep has landed me in FOUR college classes that I feel woefully, painfully unprepared for. Lets remember, it took me NINE YEARS to get a BA....I'm nervous.