Events Leading Up to "Mrs. Surratt"

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    The most significant years

  • Mrs. Hutchinson

    Marion Elementary SchoolMy kindergarden teacher would take me to her house after school and let me play with her farm animals, go "creek stomping," and read books. She made learning real and fun.
  • Ms. Hall

    Ms. Hall, my 1st grade teacher, would follow my accomplishments in the newspaper, cut out the articles, and mail laminated copies to me along with notes of affirmation.
  • Ms. Parker

    My 5th grade teacher, Ms. Parker, recommended me for H.O.T. (Higher Order Thinking) Club. She used manipulatives and labs to model solving equations. I LOVED it.
  • Mrs. Mason

    Shelby Middle School I made Mrs. Mason cry when I asked "why?" after every alogorithm or proof that she gave me. Don't worry, I was mortified that I made the teacher cry, so I spent the year crying as well. I became dtermined to do two things: 1) Understand WHY math worked, and 2) become a teacher who could help her students understand math beyond rote memorization.
  • Mrs. Goforth

    Shelby High School Mrs. Goforth became my Algebra II teacher. She was willing to meet me before and after school to help me understand the WHY behind all of the mathematical processes taught in class. We both shared a love for ice cream. So, she always provided ice cream-flavored lollipops while we worked throgh examples. She also gave me her home phone number and the freedom to call.
  • Wilkesboro Youth Group

    WBC After my first year in college, I took an internship as a summer youth intern for Wilkesboro Baptist Church. Part of my duties entailed planning, organizing, and leading a Bible study club for middle schoolers. Creating games/activities to make our studies engaging captured my well as the great group of middle schoolers with whom I was working.
  • Declaring my major

    UNC School of Education I declared my major as Middle Grades Math and Science Education. Suddenly, all of the math and science classes I had chosen to take made sense!
  • Student Teaching

    Lowes Grove Middle I was placed in a school with a majority of at-risk students. I fell in love with seeing them succeed. I attended the NCTM Conference and bumped into Mrs. Goforth, who said, "I just knew you would become a teacher."
  • Graduation

    Carolina Blue Received my undergraduate degree in Middle Grades Education: Math and Science.
  • The Present

    Lynnhaven Middle71st Classical MiddleKIPP Adelante The kids that I have taught across the country are the main reasons why I am a teacher. I am passionate about their success academically and in the competitive world beyond school.