Oldest Radio to Neweast Radio

By ryasam
  • oldest radio

    oldest radio
    This is one of the oldest radios that you can find in the world.
    It is big and bloky.
    And has many buttons that you will need to push to make it work
    It was invented by Marraconi
  • 1930s

    This Radio is from the 1930s Its made out of wood.
    The Radio is big aand bolky compared to today.
    This was the fancest technolgy in that time
  • 1940s radio

    1940s radio
    This Radio is when the fancy Radio that has came along.
    They show wht channel you are on
    Its a big step up from the earlest radio
  • 1950s Radio

    1950s Radio
    This Radio has a handle so that you can transport it evrey where that you want to go.
    It only has a few buttons witch makes it much more simplur
  • 1960s Radio

    1960s Radio
    This Radio hasn't changed much over 10 years.
    It has the handle.
    and a few buttons
  • 1970s Radio

    1970s Radio
    This Radio can been taken where ever you want
    It can be held in your hand with ease
    From this year you can now speak into it
    It can be the size of your hand
  • 1980s Radio

    1980s Radio
    This radio has beem more compacted.
    Has a eareal.
    And speakers that are showen.
    And more grunty
  • 1990s Radio

     1990s Radio
    This radio has been made much smaller.
    From this year and on they are much smaller.
    And you can contact who you want through speaking
  • 2000 Radio

    2000 Radio
    This Radio has been put into a carso that you can enjoy music while driving.
    It can play CD's as well
  • Newest radio

    Newest radio
    This Radio is very fancy
    It has alot of buttons
    It is much more complacated
    It also has a high playing sound compared to the earlyer day