Eileen Brady's Timeline

By ebrady
  • Speech Lessons

  • Marin Family

    The Marin Family moved into our neighborhood!
  • Culturally Unaware

  • Depression in Family

  • Volleyball Team!

    Volleyball Team!
  • Ms.King's World Geography Class

    Ms.King's World Geography Class
  • Tennis!

  • Sister Moves to Korea

  • Leaving Home!

    Leaving Home!
  • Camp Counselor

    Camp Counselor
  • Teach For America

    Teach For America
  • Teacher of the Year!

    Teacher of the Year!
  • Moving to Austin

    Moving to Austin
  • National Board Certified Teacher

    National Board Certified Teacher
  • Heartbreak

  • Instrutional Coach Position

    Instrutional Coach Position
  • Graduate School/Reading

    Graduate School/Reading
  • New School!

    New School!