How to create a timeline using TIMETOAST

  • Step 1

    Upon entering the site you will see a list of "Your Timelines" As this is your first one, the list will be empty. Click on Add a new Timeline to start creating your first one!
  • Step 2

    A box should appear and ask you to "Edit Your Timeline Details"
    You should give your timeline a name or title at this stage so that your viewer will know what the timeline will be about. You will also have the option to "categorising" your timeline if you wish to.
  • Step 3

    You should see in front of you a "New Timeline" With all timelines, there must be a beginning and an end.
    You know need to add a timpespan. Click on the button "Add Timespan" and enter your time span details (eg Title or name, start date and end date) you can also add a hyperlink if you want to and a short description.
  • Step 4

    ok! You can add an event anywhere along your timeline just by clicking "add event"
    You should see a box appear asking you to:
    1. Give your event a name
    2. insert a date or time that this event happened
    Your option features will allow you to add an image or hyperlink.
    Once you have filled out the information, push "create Event at the bottom of the box to add it to your timeline.
    You can even have 2 or more events on the same date/time.
  • Step 5

    now you can add as many events to your timline as you want.
    try adding another one. You can and another event on the same day if you want or anytime throughout your timeline.
  • Viewing Your Finished Product

    Once you have entered all the information you need, click on "view this timeline" at the bottom left of the screen and you will see your finished product!