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Bad Moon on the Rise

  • The Beginning

    In a sweltering "shirt factory" in a nowhere town, in a rural state, in an otherwise uneventful, steamy, Carolina summer, two previously jilted and star-crossed lovers find their way once again in the presence of a magistrate, repeating lifetime vows while eeking out a day to day existence.
    This is the day that my Ma and Pa got hitched!
  • It's all downhill from here

    Weighing in at 9lbs 8oz, an incredibly healthy weight for a son born nearly two and a half months premature (wink wink, nudge nudge), the portly young Jeffrey Davis arrives, and the world scurries to find an answer for the madness and the meance that threatens to destroy the peace and civility for the next four decades.
  • The first few memories

    From birth to four, my superhuman memory is a bit blurry. It is akin to a running photomontage, with pictures, sounds, smells, and tastes, in a continual loop devoid of any timestamp or ID marker: my first friend (who happened to be a girl)--wonder what happened to her? a tin roof that leaked like a sieve... wharf rats..emptying the septic tank by hand with 5 gal. buckets... walking to the store..hoping to find enough bottles to buy bread....LOVE above all else; in the middle of all else.
  • We don't need no Education!

    After a summer of picking up 'baccer leaves in the areas last stick barn, we went to the local thrift store (way before they were chic) and bought me some school clothes. My parents unleashed me on the public school system. They were unprepared. A portly 5yr old, with no self-esteem and very little tact is easy prey for the venomous "haves" and a better than average pre-k education meant that the teachers had to be on their toes. Funny... Looks like the timeline could stop right here.
  • Period: to

    More of the same

    The first eight years of my education firmly entrenched my love of education, and completely eradicated my self-esteem. It was here that I fully understood that I was more pariah than misfit. While I maintained a 3.9 GPA, I was never comfortable and had few friends. My parents were demanding, but loving... an A was Acceptable and a B was Below average.
  • A difference --- A Real Difference

    While I believe the particular day here to be wrong, the year is correct. I nearly drowned in an old farm pond about a mile from my house, and I nearly took my best friend with me. A fishing trip beset with dangerous stupidity, and the realization of divine intervention, brought me to "find my religion". This is the birthday of my Christianity, and while I am still an obnoxious social outcast, I am now blessed with the peace that passes all understanding!
  • Period: to

    fait accompli

    Ah yes! the end of my "formative" education, frought with fistfights, class struggles, weight gain, acne, "band geek" jokes, friends, the death of friends, hellos and goodbyes, love, lost love, driver's license and midnight trips down shaky country roads just to see where they went,.... arriving.........leaving.
    Graduation with Highest Honors and a wall full of certificates and medals --- all of that and 50 cent and you still won't get a cup of coffee.
  • Period: to

    I've got those Working Man Blues...

    Nearly 15 years in an independent "mom and pop" restaurant, with every job description imagineable in my resume, dedication and loyalty to the nth, there is a personality trait and a personal accomplishment to be proud of.
  • What is High? What is Higher? What is Higher Learning?

    Move in day at Western Carolina University! Go CATS!! After weeding through offers and heartbreaking truths about finances, an eager to succeed Jeffrey Davis arrives in Cullowhee ready to test the limits of his mind, and the sincerity of his independence. Unfortunately, the family dream costed more than the family payroll and he returned after only a year, disappointed but undaunted. Good things come to those who wait.
  • I did WHAT?!

    On a cool, drizzly, Saturday afternoon, my High School sweetheart and I were married. Don't "aawwww" too loudly, it wasn't as easy as it sounds. She did everything she could to get away, including moving to Greenville and becoming a Pirate with a much better class of loser. In the end, however, my humble background, slothful habits, slovenly appearance, and scathing, sardonic, sarcastic wit proved too much for her to resist. Don't laugh, you know you're jealous.
  • Happiness is....

    Happy Birthday Hannah! This is the day that the wicked, cold-hearted tyrant, Jeffrey Davis, first experienced sublime happiness. As great as that moment is/was he was soon gripped with the frightening realization that this perfect little creature would someday grow up to become a teenage girl, and he wept to himself in fear.
  • Money isn't everything

    After an incredible stint of nearly 15 years, I left the restaurant, and its economic security for the free time offered in the "build your own schedule" automobile industry. In a moment of sheer prophetic blindness, I jumped into that game just as the economy and the BIG 3 automakers were pulling the plug.
    In related news, I was turned down as the newest prognosticator on the Psychic Friends Network.
  • Superman Dies!

    Superman Dies!
    In a moment, fittingly accompanied by the gloomiest of December weather; chilling wind and constant, slow, rain from an overcast sky that threatens to squash the earth with its ominous oppressiveness, my father, Billy Davis, died. Three weeks before we had been squirrel hunting and had the rabbit dogs in the pen, today only death. There is no room to tell of the lifetime of memories and stories, there are no words to tell of the loss that tastes like bitter quarters in the back of my throat.
  • Period: to

    Back in the saddle again

    My wife and I both decided to finish (in my case) or advance (hers -- show-off!) our education. Thanks to the WPS and ECU I am back "in" school and paying for it as I go. My wife and I can now tell everybody that we were college sweethearts, I got a new computer, and I still have time to coach that softball team.
  • The Game Ball!

    The Game Ball!
    In my first stint as a Head Coach, my 10U fastpitch team finishes first in their division. Through this group of incredible young ladies, I learned that mankind is not necessarily the degrading spiral of evil that I had come to think it was. These girls played their hearts out every inning, believing that hard work and hustle really would be enough. Everytime I heard myself say those words, they were in my father's voice. At the end of the season, I carried him a signed game ball.