Russian Revolution

  • Industrialization and problems it caused Russia

    Industrialization and problems it caused Russia
    As the growth and change in factories occured the economy in Russia changed with it, and brought problems too. Russia was in debt and needed help to create these factories so the Russian government got foreign investors and raised taxes to pay for the factories. The factories that were being built were all producing steel which than soon made Russia the 4th greastest steel producing country by the 1900s.
  • Czar Nicholas Rule

    Czar Nicholas Rule
    Czar Nicholas took role after his father's death and he wanted to keep the same autocratic rule that his father had.
  • Development of Recolutionary Groups

    Development of Recolutionary Groups
    Russia at this time consisted of two main groups Marxist and anti-Marxist. The marxist group then split into two seperate groups based on tactics. Other radical groups were the Bolsheviks and the Mensheviks who a large ammount of supporters. Russian revolutionary groups were rising during the eraly 1900's.
  • Bloody Sunday

    Bloody Sunday
    Unarmed peaceful demonstrators were marching to pretsent a petition to Czar Nicholas II, the petition was for better working conditions, personal freedom and elected national legislature were gunned down by the imperial guards.
  • World War I

    World War I
    Czar decides for Russia to join WWI in 1914, where in the first couples months Russia proves to Czar they were not ready to join the war. Within the first year four million russian soldiers were either killed, wounded or taken prisoner.
  • The March Revolution

    The March Revolution
    The March Revolution was a strike led by women textile workers in a citywide strike. Protest was started becasue of the shortage of fuel and bread, and riots broke out.
  • The Czar Steps Down

    The Czar Steps Down
    He was in rule from 1894 until his abdication because of The March Revolution. He was excuted a year later along with his family which left Russia with no type of government inplace. A tempoary govermnet was made which was soon protested against aswell due to the continue support of the war.
  • The Bolshevik Revolution

    The Bolshevik Revolution
    Lenin arrived from exile in the spring of 1917,he joined the Belshevik Party. There goal was to overthrow Provisonal government and they did just that leaving the provisonal government in ruins and Bolshevik's in control.
  • Lenin in Power

    Lenin in Power
    After the Bolshevik Revolution and Lenin gained victory he took power and tried to create a socailist economic system.
  • Stalin become a Dictator

    Stalin become a Dictator
    Shortly after Lenin died Stalin comes to power and becomes a dictator.