John lennon

John Lennon's Life

  • I, John Lennon, am born.

    I, John Lennon, am born.
    My name is John Winston Lennon, and I was born on October 9th in Oxford Street Maternity Hospital, Liverpool, England.
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    John Lennon's Life

  • I am taken in by my mother's sister Mimi and her husband, George Smith.

    I am taken in by my mother's sister Mimi and her husband, George Smith.
    After months and months of intense arguing, my parents (Fred and Julia) decided to split up. Torn by their desision, I chose Julia for custody. Julia, however, didn't take me for herself, and instead offered me to her sister, Mimi. Mimi had cared for me, and gave me parental love, as well as disipline.
  • I meet Paul McCartney

    I meet Paul McCartney
    On July 6th, 1957, a Satuday to be exact, I met Paul McCartney, who would be just as influential a songwriter in the Beatles as myself. I invited Paul to be a guitarist in my own band, the Quarry Men. He accepted a few weeks later.
  • My mother is killed.

    My mother is killed.
    On July 15th, 1958, my mother is killed by a speeding car. On this date is when George Harrison joined the Quarry Men too. The picture on the left is a photo of myself and Julia standing together.
  • The debut of The Beatles.

    The debut of The Beatles.
    The debut of the Beatles in Hamburg, West Germany- Myself, Paul, and George on guitars, Pete Best of drums, and Stu Sutcliffe on bass.
  • Brian Epstein becomes the Beatles' Manager.

    Brian Epstein becomes the Beatles' Manager.
    This same year, the Beatles have their first debut in England.
  • I got married.

    I got married.
    I marry to Cynthia Powell, and Stu Sutcliffe dies. Pete Best is replaced by Ringo Starr.
  • I have a child.

    I have a child.
    I have a son, named John Charles Julian Lennon, on April 8th. The Beatles' single, "Please Please Me," rises to number one in England.
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    During this year, I wrote my own book, titled: In My Own Write. Also, the Beatles had their American television debut on the "Ed Sullivan Show."
  • My Christianity remarks.

    During this year, my comment I made about Christianity causes a storm of protest in the US. The Beatles' final concert is held in San Francisco. I also meet my soon to be love of my life, Yoko Ono.
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    My affairs.

    During this year, I begin an affair with Yoko Ono, and Cynthia is granted a divorce and custody over Julian. Yoko also becomes pregnant and miscarries.
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    In 1971, I record "Imagine", move to New York after being arrested in Spain for the attempted kidnapping of Yokos daughter.
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    During 1973, I leave to LA with May Pang, and have an 18- month separation from Yoko.
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    During this year, The Beatles are officially dissolved, and i return to Yoko.
  • My birthday.

    My birthday.
    This day, i realize, I need to be more of a family man with the birth of my son, Sean Ono Lennon,
  • My tragic death.

    My tragic death.
    On December 8th, Mark Chapman shot and killed me outside the Dakota.