My life odyssey

  • When i was born

    When i was born
    I was born on August 19, 1994. I was born in St.Marys at 1:26! Before, I was born my mom said I had two false labors. The third one was a charm, because I was born!
  • When my little sister was born

    When my little sister was born
    I got the shoking phone call when i got to my house and everyone was missing. My dad was calling to tell me to get ready, i have a new person to meet. I was all excited i was not sure who it was but i was ready to meet them. We arrived at the hospital and I knew it was my baby sister. My mom took me to the nursery and she said this is Seira Dawn your little sister. I will never miss that day, that was when she was quite!
  • My first road trip!

    My first road trip!
    This day was the best I woke up and we was driving down the road. I asked my mom where we was going. She did not say much so i thought it was your everyday trip. We finally pulled up at Indian Beach and I was little so i thought i was in heaven, I ran out to the rides! Then i went to the beach but i loved the rides better!
  • My freshman year going to a varsity game!

    My freshman year going to a varsity game!
    I was walking out of practice and my coach was like I would like to talk to you. I was scared I thought I was introuble. She said i would like to take you to the varsity tournment, I could not say no! That was the best news ever!
  • My first high school day.

    My first high school day.
    I woke up at 5:30 and I was all nervous! I could take take the pain in my stomach so i grabbed the phone and called my bestfriend. She answered and was like we are going to go this this together! So we got ready and went to school! I did not have any class with her and i did not know why way, it was the worst day ever. Then i seen all my friends and they put a smile on my face!