Leah Anderson

  • The Outbreak of World War 1

    German had a Declaration of war on Russia
  • Henry Ford's peace ship, Oskar II, begins voyage to Europe

    Voyage began to Europe with Henry Ford's ship.
  • 15 Tanks introduced on the Somme battlefield by the British

    The British showed 15 Tanks.
  • Germans issue peace note suggesting compromise peace

    German wanted peace.
  • World War One ends with German defeat.

    The war finally comes to a end!
  • Stock Market on Wall Street crashes.

    The Stock Markets broke down and were unable to hold up any longer.
  • Holland surrenders to the Nazis.

    Holland give it all to the Nazis.
  • Germans bomb Scapa Flow naval base near Scotland

    German bombed another country.
  • France signs an armistice with the Nazis.

    France signed a agreement with the Nazis.
  • Battle of Britain begins.

    Britain begins in the battle.