Ryan Dills

  • Ryan Dills

    On this date in time, Ryan Dayal Dills was born at St. Mary's Hospital in a room with four generations of family together.
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    Ryan Dills

  • Elementary School

    Elementary School
    I had just started his first day of kindergarden at Stockwell Elementary School. This is where I met my favorite teacher of all time, Mrs. Anderson. I had her as a teacher during grades two and three. By the time I was in fifth grade, I had been going to Stockwell for 5 years. I knew everyone and everything that happend at Stockwell.
  • Eye Surgery

    Eye Surgery
    I had to have eye surgery to remove a dermoid cyst on my eye that I (no pun intended) was born with. That was basically a little bubble on my that when I got older, the cyst would grow. This was proobably the higlight of my fifth grade year.
  • Oak Hill Middle School

    Oak Hill Middle School
    Since I went to Stockwell Elementary School, I should have went to Plaza Middle School. My mom signed papers allowing me to go to Stockwell because after school, I would walk 2 minutes to her work everyday. So when I got to Oak Hill, I only knew a couple of kids , and they were not even in my grade. I made friends really quickly.
  • North High Schhol

    North High Schhol
    I had finally made it to high school. This is all I thought about the last month of eighth grade. I was ecstatic to be a Husky.
  • Varsity Baseball

    Varsity Baseball
    I came to Bosse Field a little nervous. I was going to pitch against Moline High School out of Illinois. They were ranked 4th in the state. That was just great, I am going to be the first freshmen to start varsity as a pitcher for the first time in 22 years at North. Well, things turned out well; for Moline anyway. We lost the game 8-2. We are off to a rough start as the Huskies are 3-9.