Emily Jarvis' Odyssey

  • My Birth

    I was born on August 23, 1994 to Brenda and Roger Jarvis at 10:53 in the morning. My mom said that instead of gaining weight she lost a lot of weight. They kept telling her to eat a lot more foods, they really wanted her to gain weight through the pregnancy. She also said that the doctor couldn't get me out, and my mom kept telling him that I was ready and that I needed to be born already!
  • My dad died

    When I was only two and a half years old my dad went on a hunting trip with his friends. They were out in the woods and he fell to the ground and said he was having a heart attack. By the time the ambulence was there he had already died. My sister had to help out with me, my mom was really upset.I wish I was a little older so I could have been able to know him more. I know a lot though, from what my mom and my sister Ashley have told me.
  • My niece Makayla was born

    My niece was born at ll:01 in the morning on July 25. She was born to my sister Ashley and her boyfriend Jon. They are no longer together and he gets Makayla every other weekend for eight hours. Makayla is so cute I love her so much. She is funny and pretty smart for two. I'm called "Auntie Em" like in the Wizard of Oz. She doesn't know how to say it yet so she just calls me E.
  • Middle school graduation

    My middle school years were my best. Especially eigth grade. I had a lot of close friends and I didn't want to leave. I thought that year would go by sooo fast, but it was gone really quick. Before I knew it we were going to Holiday World for our class trip and practicing for graduation. I am so glad that I am still friends with my best friend who I have known since seventh grade.
  • We went to Nashville!

    On November my step-dad was going to go hunting with his brothers for a weekend. My mom decided she was going to take my sister, her fiance Adam, and I to Nashville. I was so excited. I asked her if we could stay at the Opryland Hotel, but there were no rooms left. It was Christmas time so everyone was there. We did get to go see it and it's my favorite place. We went on a tour to see where a lot of famous country singers live. It was the best trip I've been on.
  • My sister's wedding is coming up!

    In July my sister is going to get married. Her fiance is Adam and he's really nice. I am the maid of honor and I'm really excited. I am kind of nervous though. I love their house that they have. It started out really bad. The carpet was stained, there were holes in the wall and everything was just a mess, but now it's a really nice house. I can't wait to spend the night there on the weekends. They'll only be four minutes away.