A. Omohundro's personal odessey

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  • Day One of Life

    Day One of Life
    On 22 August 1994 I was born at Welborn Hospital in Evansville, IN. My parents are Jeff and Cindy. The day of my birth was also my brother's tenth birthday. Which by the way, my brother and I don't have the same mom. I do know that I was born ten days after the day I was due to be born. Nothing big has really ever happened on my birthday.
  • Seeing MLB for the 1st time.

    Seeing MLB for the 1st time.
    Baseball is my favorite sport in the whole world and on this day I saw it played by best in the world for the first time. It was at Cinergy Field in Cincinnatti, OH which has since been demolished. The game was between the Reds and the Houston Astros. The memorable part of the game was a leadoff homerun by the Astro's Craig Biggio. Since then, i have seen around fifteen Major League Baseball games.
  • 1st t-ball game

    1st t-ball game
    Since I love baseball, it was time for me to start playing it. I played my t-ball at McCuchanville Park . My dad was the coach and we wore yellow jerseys. I went on to play ten more seasons of baseball at McCuchanville and my dad was the coach everyone of them. All that has led to me now being on the freshman baseball team her at NHS.
  • Holiday World

    Holiday World
    On Memorial Day 2000 I went to Holiday World for the first time. I went with my mom, my mom's friend Andrea and her daughte Megan. I thought it was really fun. I have gone back there every year since and I have had a season pass for the last 4 years. It has been interesting to watch the park grow as the years go bye. Andrea and Megan move to Colorado two summers after this, but they come and visit every few years and we've even gone back to Holiday World a couple of times.
  • First football game

    First football game
    I had watched football for many years and so I decided to start playing it. I played at LVO next to the Loyd Expressway. I was on the Cardinals and we were pretty good. My coach's name was A.J.. While at LVO I played for the Cardinals two season and we won the championship the second year. I then played one seaon on the Raiders. This fall I will beging my third season as center for our own Huskies.
  • NYC

    This date was actually two days. The day I arived in NYC I saw a game at Yankee Stadium beteween the Yankees and the Tampa Bay Rays. My dad let me have a sip of a beer, it was disgusting. After staying the night in NJ, the next day we went to the Empire State Building in the Morning, the Staue of Liberty in the afternoon and that night we went to Shea Stadium to see the Mets play the San Fransisco Giants. That game include a sixty minute rain delay.
  • Mema died

    Mema died
    This was a day that i lost one of my best friends in the entire world. Mema was my dad's mom. She lived in Southern IL, so i visited her at least once a month. She was the cake decorator at the town grocery store. So every year she would make me an amazing cake for my b-day. When she died she had been fighting colon cancer for tree years.
  • a career

    a career
    For my future, I would like to become an athletic trainer. I have always had a weird facination with injuries and stuff like that. Since I love sports, I think being an athltic trainer would be the best way to be around sports all the time, because I really don't think I will make it as a pro athelete. My other career choices would be being an orthopedic doctor or a history teacher.