Personal Odyeses

  • First Born

    First Born
    I was born on January 8th 1995, my parnets say it was one of the best day of their life. A Interting thing before i was bon that the cowboys had just won a superbowl, and my dad always makes fun of me becuase he said that i waited for the perfect time to come out, so that he could watch it.
  • Brother was Born

    Brother was Born
    My Brother was born and i was only 1 year old so i really dont memebr much of it, except that for i had a brother and i could play whit somebody now. When Dylan was little he was a great boy he was crazy and me and him have always been together and we have a some rough times, just like everyone else.
  • My First Kidney Stone

    My First Kidney Stone
    When I was in the 5th grade and i was havng sudden pains every once in a while by my side. I had those pains foe about 2 weeks but the funny thing is that i would lay a certain way and it would go away. But one night it was not the case i woke up in a screaming pain crying and thowing up every were, and i could not even walk to the car or to the emergecy room.
  • 10 suregreys in 3 days

    10 suregreys in 3 days
    I was told that i would need to go to Indiaplios for all of my surgreys becuase i was to young for them to work on me down here. So i was on my way up there hoping to god that i would be ok, and there was nothing that my parnets could do to help me because i was already on so much pain. So i got up there and i was a in patient which ment after surgey they would keep me there and monter me untill i was done and ok.
  • Got my Permitt

    Got my Permitt
    I was so exctied the day that I got my permitt i was so scared to drive on the open road. I had a tough time to get it becuase i did not have everything that i needed to get it becuase i did not have my social sercuity card. Then i had to send of to get it and that took forever, but when i got it i finally was happy to drive and do everything that i wanted to do on the road.