5 Things

  • Basketball Mania

    I was playing in a club with my friend Joaquin and this super skilled kid named Jonathan, we were in our championship game winning. Jonathan and I were making shots against the opponent. Coach was happy and about this and was about to cry. We won cheering in glorious victory. Then so on, basketball started going on in my life forever.
  • GOALLLL!!!

    I was in a championship game and we were facing against the hardest team in the league, but we were the hardest team in the league. We played and my team started making goals, after that one goal I took over and made three more goals. The team was stunned, then after the game, we won 4-0. We went to celebrate and my parents were proud. My teammates were proud and we ate a chunk of pizza to express it, so then after eating I stared in the sky and thanked God for my calling.
  • Baby Wars

    It was Season 1 Episode 5 of Baby Wars, the babies were fighting against the fruit ningas. I was writing with so much ideas, as I was almost done, one of my friends came up to me saying that I love writing. And I realized that I love writing.
  • 3, 2, 1, Action

    I was 9 and recorded my show called Brandon Chat, I was filming with my sister holding it. Until I finally made a tripod, so then at that episode, we had a special guest, Jasmin Monegain!! And after filming the episode, I found out my other hobby. I was camcording. So that day on, my secondary source of fun was camcording.
  • First Touchdown For School

    It was the second quarter and it was a tie. I really wanted to make a touchdown. Then we were making a pitch to me, I ran passed 2 defenders and another bumped me. I though my flag was taken but my dad yelled and said RUNN!!! I ran and made my first dance, dancing the seisure, that was a special day for me, it really was cause that just told me that I had another talent that God gave me.