5 events

  • In Peace

    This bring my life to its start with the master and friend all mighty.
    This point I am one with mother but 9 months before this I was with someone greater, His name is GOD.
  • We all Know the Day

    You all remember the day you cryed because you stept on a lego it hurt we all know but you sucked it up and continued to play with the lego I can asure myself that i'm not the only one who did.
  • Hot! Hot! Hot!

    This changed me in the way that I know now that it's okaay to be alittle parinoide sometimes becuase you're in the right time to be careful.
  • Elmo's in the House !

    This changed me in a way because it made me see it's not whats on the outside not on the its whats on the inside. The costume resembles the outside i resemble the inside.

    This is the day MINECRAFT came in to my life and where I made the smartest choice in my life, buying MINECRAFT it's so cool I in my opinion think it's awesome.