5 details that have shaped you as a person

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    Graduating from preschool

    I woke up and when I got up my mom and sister were like maddie its finally the day you get to graduate preschool and so when I got to school they said madison are you ready and I said yea so when the time finally got here we went into this room and got are gowns and started getting ready and then we got are papers that told us that we graduated preschool 2010.
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    Going into the primary school

    When I got there I was so excited to make new friends and everything and was so happy so then we went to open house and start to meet are new teachers and look around looking were I would be going it was the best day of my life I loved it and I thought it was the best thing ever.
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    Moving back to alma

    When my mom told me that we would be moving back to alma I was so happy I jumped up with exciment and hugged her and told her that I loved her so much and so me and my sister started packing are stuff like at 12:00 am in the morning that is how happy I was.
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    My Adoption Day

    When I was 11 years old I got taken away from my mother and so I was back into the DHS system and so I went to the shelter until they can find me a foster home that would take me in and I was mad at my mom because most of my life I was taking away from my mom.
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    My 14th birthday

    We were on vacation and it was the best we went to texas and we got a beach house and we would go to the beach and swim and draw in the sand we would go out and we were not at the house that much we were out in town alot.