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  • Mission Founded

    Mission Founded
    The mission of the Alamo is founded.The construction of the mission started on May 8, 1744. It was built with blocks of locally-quarried limestone. Originally, the Alamo was designed to have two bell towers and a domed roof. Everything but the outer walls of the building collapsed while it was being built, and the towers and vaulted roof were never completed. The date 1758 is carved in the keystone over the front doorway. The Alamo was used as a church until 1793, when it was abandoned.
  • Period: to

    1718 - 1933

    So amazing to have this kind of history!
  • First Capital in Texas

    First Capital in Texas
    Los Adaes was the first capital in Texas. Im not sure who chose this but it was a good start.
  • San Antonio

    San Antonio
    In 1772 our 2010 San Antonio sight seeing spot and amusment was once also our capital. This was another good decision of the later Texans
  • The Neutral Ground

    The Neutral Ground
    This year the Neutral Ground Agreement is established. between now days Texas and Lousianna
  • S. F. A.

    S. F. A.
    he settles in Texas and died
  • Fredonian Rebelllion

    Fredonian Rebelllion
    The Fredonian Rebellion breaks out.
  • New Law

    New Law
    The Law of April 6, 2010 is passed. Exactly on the date!
  • Independance in Texas

    Independance in Texas
    When Texas fights for independance it takes place at the Alamo mission. Texas wins.
  • Adoption

    In 1836 Texas Declaration of Independance is adopted
  • Fall of the Alamo

    Fall of the Alamo
    On March 6, 1836 the great mission and historic landmark fell. But was eventually re-built to todays
  • San Jacinto

    San Jacinto
    In San Jacinto the Texas army defeated Mexican army troops. Resulting to gaining independance for Texas.
  • FIGHT!

    The Concil House Fight breaks out.In the Council House Fight thirty Penateka Comanche leaders and warriors, as well as some five women and children of the tribe, were killed by Texas troops at San Antonio on March 19, 1840. The event is said to have hardened Comanche hostility to whites in Texas. From the time of the first white settlements in Texas Comanche warriors and American frontiersmen had skirmished. In 1840 the Penatekas, driven by the fear of Cheyenne and Arapaho attacks along the nort
  • New President

    New President
    Sam Houston is elected to be Texas president.
  • Newer President

    Newer President
    Anson Jones is elected president
  • Texas because Texas

    Texas because Texas
    Texas fianlly becomes a state. With parts that aren't normally seen today but thats because of soemthing history that you have to find out about!
  • Govener

    Sam Houston is elected govener for Texas for years after becoming an actual state.
  • Texas Joins...

    Texas Joins...
    Texas joins Cinfederate States of America.
  • Death in Texas

    Death in Texas
    Sam Houston dies
  • Slavery

    Slavery ending in was a good thing in my opinion. right when the Civil War was over.
  • Wire

    Barbed wire is invented
  • Reconstruction

    Reconstruction ends inTexas. For those who dont know what Reconstruction is. Its after the Civil War and they pretty much just picked themselves up and dusted the ba things off.
  • Lowest In Texas

    Lowest In Texas
    That day it was one of the coldest days in Texas. The tempurature dropped all the way down to -23 (Ferinheight) Can you image that now? Very chillly!