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  • Eruption

    The Fredonion Rebellion erupts. It occurs near Nacogdoches. The rebellion is between the Texas colonists and the Mexican government.
  • Clash

    Colonists and Mexican troops clash. The battle occurs in and at Anahuac. William Barret Travis arrested because of this conflict.
  • Imprisoned

    Stephen F. Austin imprisoned. He was accused of treason. In conclusion he was imprisoned for one year.
  • Face off

    Face off
    Texans and Mexican troops face off at Battle of San Antonio
  • Battle

    Batte of Gonzles begins. Cause of the battle: Texans refused to give cannon to a Mexican patrol. This battle proved Texans were becoming more defiant to Mexico.
  • Battle

    Battle of Cocepion breaks out
  • Attack

    Texans attack San Antonio. Most soilders were farmers and ranchers. Texas surrendered and lost the battle.
  • Surrender

    General Cos surrenders
  • Battle

    Battle of the Alamo occurs; Texas wins inependence
  • Hurricane strikes

    Hurricane strikes
    Devastating hurricane strikes Indianola. 176 lives are lost. Town slowly being rebuilt.
  • Second hurricane strikes

    Second hurricane strikes
    After 11 years ofrebuilding ... a second hurricane strikes Indianola. Town destroyed and never rebuilt. Many more lives are lost.
  • Flood

    Brazos River floods the city of Hearne. 1200 miles of land lost. Some lives lost.
  • Deadly hurricane

    Deadly hurricane
    Deadliest hurricane hits Galvenston hard. This deadliest hurricane kills more than 6000. This is the deadiest hurricane on record.
  • Tornado

    One of the most deadliest tornadoes hits Goliad. This is just one of the deadliest of two. 114 people die.
  • Low temperatures

    Low temperatures
    Lowest temperature in Texas strikes Seminole. The temperature hits as low as -23 F. No live lost.
  • Dust Storm

    Dust Storm
    Worst dust storm strikes Perryton. This is the worst dust storm in U.S. history. This duststorm strikes on " Black Sunday ".
  • High temperatures

    High temperatures
    Highest temperature in Texas hits Seymour. This is the highest temperatures on record. The temperature was about 120 F.
  • Mile wide tornado

    Mile wide tornado
    Mile wide tornado rakes White Deer, Glazier, and Higgins couties. Rakes across most of the panhandle too. Some lives lost.
  • Tornado

    Waco is struck by one of the worst tornadoes in Texas. This tornado is only one of the 2 wrs tornadoes in Texas. 114 lives are lost.
  • Tornado

    Terrible tornado strikes Witchita Falls. This is the worst single tornado in Texas. Lives are lost.
  • Rainfall

    Greatest rainfall hits Alvin. This is the greatest rainfall in a 24 hour period. It rains up to 43 inches.
  • Heat Wave

    Heat Wave
    Longest heat wave in Texas hit North Texas. Lasts from June 21 - September 16. Lasts for 88 days with an average high temperature of 102.1 F.
  • Snow

    Storm drops 13 to15 inches of snow. It hit San Antonio in 1985. The exact date uknown.
  • Flood

    Flood strikes South Central Texas. It wipes out about twenty counties. All the flood water came from rivers.
  • No rain

    No rain
    Drought strikes Dallas and Fort Worth. Drought strikes July 1 and ends on September 22. Lasts for 84 days.