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  • Appaches arrive

    Appaches arrive
    The Appaches arrive in Texas after they came from New Mexico and Arizona. These native Americans speak a Southern Athabaskan (Apachean) language. Tehy lived in the south United States but there language is Alaskan and Canadian.
  • Period: to

    Native American History in Texas

    Important dates for Native Americans in Texas
  • Jumano Indians

    Jumano Indians
    Jumano Indians wanted Spanish missions from New Mexico to go to present-day San Angelo to preich Christianity. When they first came here they lived around the Rio Grande. The first people to find these natives in the United States were Spanish accounts.
  • horses tamed

    horses tamed
    When the Apaches arrived they needed a transportation since they moved around so much. That's when they chose the horse. Ever since many Native Americans have used the horses.
  • Tiguas arrive

    Tiguas arrive
    Tiguas came to texas from present-day Albuquerque.They now live in the county of El Paso. They also lived near the Rio Grande and had 12 pueblos on each side of the river.
  • Indians destroyed colonist at Fort St. Louis

    Indians destroyed colonist at Fort St. Louis
    Colonist that were not destroyed by the indians, poison snakes and ect. were finished off by Karankawa Indians. This fort is near both Garcita Creek and Lavaca Bay. In 1688 it was most used by the Spaniards and the Native Americans.
  • battle of Palo Duro Canyon

    battle of Palo Duro Canyon
    The battle of Palo Duro Canyon was a very big win at for the United States against the native americans. On a early morning some scouts found the indian camps.This war took place in the Texas panhandle.
  • Sam Houston becomes president

    Sam Houston becomes president
    All through his political career he was famous. He was both govenor many times and was the president in Texas. He also , on his 43rd birthday signed the Texas Declaration of Independence.
  • comanches want peace treaty

    comanches want peace treaty
    The Comanches decided with 12 other chiefs to go talk to fTexas officials about a peac treaty. The texans believed that the Comanches would release all of the white settlers.During the Council House fight 35 Comanches are killed, and the 7 texans were killed.
  • Another Council House Fight

    Another Council House Fight
    Near Hallettsville the Comanches, in took advantage for the Council House Fight and began killing their way across Central Texas. That's when the govenor gets the Texas Rangers started again. They voulenteer to defeat the Comanches on August 11 at Plum Creek near Lockhart.
  • James Knox Polk

    James Knox Polk
    James Polk started out his career as a member of the Tennessee House of Reprsenitives. Then he became the Speaker of the US House. And then after being the govenor of Tennessee he became president.
  • treaty signed

    treaty signed
    The treaty of Meusebach-Comanche Treaty is signed in the year of 184. This treaty was made to keep peace between the Comanches and the German settlers. To this day this treaty has been known as the pact between white and Native Americans.
  • less land in Texas

    less land in Texas
    Texas' governor signs the Compromise of 1850, in which Texas gives up its land that includes more about half of what is now New Mexico. It also consists now of a third of Colorado, a corner of Oklahoma and a small part of Wyoming.That was in exchange for the United States' offer of $10 million in debt and Texas keeps its public lands.
  • Abraham Lincoln as president

    Abraham Lincoln as president
    In the year of 1863 Abraham Lincoln made the Emanicipation Proclamation. This freed all slaves in the states that seceded and that weren't yet under Northern control again.Abe was also killed 6 days after the Civil War ended.
  • Frontier Regiment

    Frontier Regiment
    This Frontier Regiment took place in between the Rio Grande and the Red River. About every 25 miles there were at least 25 men guarding. This was a good plan until the natives figured out there weakness.
  • First Battle of the Adobe Walls

    First Battle of the Adobe Walls
    The Battle of the Adobe Walls was one of the biggest battle between the white and nativ americans. These natives consisted of Kiowas and Comanches. As more and more people died in the civil war the indians took advantage of it.
  • Civil War ends

    Civil War ends
    Even though the Confederates won the last battle they were the ones that surrendered. Robert E. Lee was the Confederate to surrendered to Ulysses S. Grant. Also 6 days after it ended Abraham Lincoln died.
  • The Battle of Palmito Ranch

    The Battle of Palmito Ranch
    This battle was near Brownsville and by the Rio Grande. It was the Confederates who were celebrating the victory. While 3 Confederates were captured, 105 Yankees were captured.
  • Treaty of Medicine Lodge Creek

    Treaty of Medicine Lodge Creek
    The treaty of Medicine Lodge Creek was to be a peace treaty between the natives and white settlers. Though this treaty failed to work , it worked for awhile. This treaty said that all the natives move onto reservations in present-day Oklahoma and they got 3 million acres of land.
  • Quaker Peace Policy

    Quaker Peace Policy
    In the year of 1869 the Quaker Peace Policy was attempted. This treaty was truthful and honest until the end of the Civil war and went downhill from there. It was then after the civil war that the indians raided and this treaty was broken.
  • Texas agrees to a new state constitution

    Texas agrees to a new state constitution
    After the Civil War was over Texas and some other states were under Reconstruction. During this time Texas went through many new constitutions. They finally decided to go with the constitution of 1869.
  • th second battle of Adobe walls

    th second battle of Adobe walls
    This battle was part of the Red River War. Many diffrent tribes trid to gang up and attack all the white settlers. But with Quannah Parker wounded they ended up surrendering.
  • Warren Wagon Train Raid

    Warren Wagon Train Raid
    This rad was part of the Kiowa War. The chief Satanta led many attacks on wagons and 1 of which was the Warren Wagon Train Raid.Because of this he was sentenced to ife in prison.
  • Theodore Roosevelt

    Theodore Roosevelt
    Mr. Roosevelt was a member of the New York State Assembly from 1882-84. He also became the Assistant Secretary of the Navy from 1895-97. After that and many more great jobs he became the vice president and then president.
  • Warren Gamaliel Harding

    Warren Gamaliel Harding
    Warren became a member of the Ohio State Senate in 1900.
    Which was right before he became president. One of the many useful things he did as president was declare peace between Germany and Aulstralia in 1921.
  • Dwight D. Eisenhower becomes president

    Dwight D. Eisenhower becomes president
    Mr.Eisenhower was the 34th president and was one of the most famous. During the 2nd World War, he served as the Sepreme Comander for the Allies. He was also president during the Korean War.