Australia's timeline

By sebiwan
  • The Europeans Arived in Australia

    The Europeans Arived in Australia
    The first eurepeans arrive in Australia. They were Dutch, but they were attacked by Aborigines so they abandon search for land.
  • Captain James Cook Sails Around Australia.

    Captain James Cook Sails Around Australia.
    Captain James Cook arrives. He ignores the Aborigines and claims a large section of Australia for England. He names it New South Wales.
  • Prisoners Arrive

    Prisoners Arrive
    After the Revolutionary War stops England from sending prisoners to Georgia.The Brtish decide that there is no use for Australia, so they start sending prisoners there.This makes Australia a penal colony. Since Australia is island with no one but Aborigines no one could escape.
  • Colonies Start Becoming Independent.

    Colonies Start Becoming Independent.
    The government continued to allow nonprisoner colonies form. So they had to create bounderies which are still in efect today.
  • It Is Established

    It Is Established
    The commonwealth of Australia is established. Melbourne serves as its capital.
  • Canberra...

    Canberra is finished and it becomes Australia's capital. Melbourne stops being the capital of Australia continues on as a big city.
  • Aborigines...

    Aborigines get their rights from the Australian government, but at a heavy price. They don't know a lot about their culture or their people. Aborigines are now considered a lost generation.
  • Australia, An Independent Country

    Australia, An Independent Country
    The Australian Act is passed to destroy all legal ties with England. Australia is now a real Independent country.
  • Australia, Not An Independent Republic

    Australia, Not An Independent Republic
    55% of the people of Australia voted against being an independent republic. Australia is not an independent republic.