Australia's history

By jman123
  • Dutch Explorers

    Dutch Explorers
    The Dutch were the first people to travel to Australia. When they were there they got attacked and left.
  • British Explorers

    British Explorers
    British explorer James Cook sailed around Australia, and claimed New South Wales for England.
  • New Prison

    New Prison
    British started sending prisoners from the Americas to Australia.
  • Boundries

    Officials create boundries for the colonies that are still in place today.
  • no more prison

    no more prison
    English stop sending prisoners to Australia.
  • White Australia

    White Australia
    Australia didn't allow black people to settle in Australia.
  • Canberra

    Canberra became the capital of Australia.
  • gov't help

    gov't help
    Gov't starts to help the Aborigines.
  • Australia Act

    Australia Act
    all legal ties with the British Empire were severed.
  • Denied

    55% of voters rejected the idea of becoming a republic