Summer in Tennessee

By krista
  • Track Years

    Track starts in march all the way to june. I have done track sense the 6th grade and I plan on doing it throughout high school.I think running takes a lot off my shoulders. I enjoy running track for all the years that i've done it, if definitely keeps me in shape.
  • Summer in Tennessee!

    Summer in Tennessee!
    Every summer I go to Tennessee, I’ve been going down there sense the summer of 06. I visit my family, and my friends. I love being in Tennessee, it helps me a lot forgetting that I live in michigan, I really don't like it here.
  • Traveling

    I travel with my family usually from june to August in the summer, We love to travel and see the different things going on in this crazy world, so we like to travel during the summer.
  • Went to Colorado

    I went to colorado a couple years ago with my grand parents, in the summer of jun to july we stayed out there for a few weeks, it was nice, we got to see so many things out there. I learned a lot being colorado with my grandparents I saw the biggest animals, that I didn't think could get that big.
  • Writing in My Free time

    Writing in My Free time
    I enjoy writing in my free time sometimes when I have it, and just see where I last left off at. I love writing about the good things in life, I never have my head down about anything.
  • Icess Emry was Born

    Icess Emry was Born
    My cousins baby was born 12/14/09 her name Is Icess, and she’s now four months old. She’s so cute she has big blue eyes! I love her.
  • Food

    Food is amazing I love eating it! Who doesn’t? But I like a lot of itlian foods they are full of flavor and the foods are hardly ever the same.
  • Having My liscense

    Having My liscense
    I just recently got my liscense on march 17th 2010, I enjoy having my liscense because now I don’t have to go every where my parents go I can drive myself now,or take the car to my friends and not worry about a time being home.
  • Spring Time!

    Spring Time!
    I love walking in the spring and summer to smell lilocs, I think they smell so good. I love spring flowers when they bloom. Flowers bring out the good in spring air because it freshens it from the nasty snow!
  • Family Time

    Family Time
    I attend church every Sunday with my family, we bond and get together and eat lunch after church. I enjoy the family time because I am very busy during the week and sometimes weekends, I work and school keeps me busy.
  • My Brother's Graduation

    My Brother's Graduation
    This year may 27th 2010, my brother is graduating from the school I came from in saginaw. I am kind of nervous for mt brother to go off to college, He won’t be home so much anymore. My brother is my bestfriend, and as we got older we grew closer and closer. I talk to my brother about a lot and we grew by the years passing us by, and not realizing it comming to us so fast.
  • Summer On the Beaches

    Summer On the Beaches
    I love going to the beaches, I usually go everyday during the summer, just to get out of the house and go somewhere. I love sitting in the sand and letting it go through my feet, feels weird.
  • Swimming

    I love going swimming in the summer because it feels good when you’re hot! And I like going swimming because it’s also relaxing. I love being in the waters anyways so I enjoy floating.
  • Turning 17

    Turning 17
    I am turning 17 Aug. 7th 2010 of this year, I am excited because then that means I’ll almost be out of school, Turning 17 is comming so fast, I feel like I just had my 16th birthday party.
  • My Graduation

    My Graduation
    2012 is the year I graduate, I am super excited for that day, because then I can start my college career and be successful. I am excited to get out of high school, and start my life with where ever it will take me to.