History of Australia

By ace12
  • Europeans Arrive

    Europeans Arrive
    First Europeans came to Australia-Dutch-(Netherlands)
  • Discovering New South Wales

    Discovering New South Wales
    Captin James Cook sailed around Australia and landed on land that he named New South Wales.
  • Australia's Use

    Australia's Use
    British ships sent prisoners to Australia because of its isolation and few indigenous people
  • Settled Prisoners

    Settled Prisoners
    After about a year of being at sea, the British prisoners finally settled in Australia. The worst ones went to Death Island.
  • Boundries Created

    Boundries Created
    The govenrnment created boundries that are still in place representing territories and political divisions.
  • No more prisoners

    No more prisoners
    this was when Great Britan stopped sending prisoners over, but they still remained in place!
  • Australia was established

    Australia was established
    Australia's common wealth was established and Australia became a continent and a country. Australian government restricted immigration. It ended in WW2 though. Now Australia is flooded with immigrants!
  • Australia's capital

    Australia's capital
    Melbourne served as Australia's capital until Canberra was completed in 1927.
  • Government takes charge

    Government takes charge
    Federal government in australia beganto pass laws to help the Aborigines march. The aborigines farmers went on a strike too show the people up!
  • Australia Act

    Australia Act
    Australia Act was passed! That meant that all legal ties with the British empire were served.
  • Independent Republic

    Independent Republic
    55% of voters rejected the idea of becoming an independent republic.