History Of Australia

By kathyc.
  • They found Australia!!!

    They found Australia!!!
    On the date of November 18, 1606, The Dutch found Australia. But they din't settle because the Aborigines attacked them.It's very importrnt to Australian history because it was discovered for the first time.But wasn't settled because of the people already there.
  • I claim it for Britian!!!

    I claim it for Britian!!!
    On this date Captain James Cook sailed around Australia and claimed it for Britian.He also encountered the Aborigines, but he just ignored them.He sailed around Australia and named New South Wales, New South WalesThis day is significant because there was someone else who found Australia, but didn't care about who they were or what they were doing.
  • A New prison. Home sweet home!

    A New prison. Home sweet home!
    On this day Britain setnt British prisoners to Australia. It's important because, these prisoners were the first British settlers to live on Australia.They were the first to make a " home " in Australia and make it "sprout".
  • That's it!! You can have this half, and I'll have the other!

    That's it!! You can have this half, and I'll have the other!
    This is when the Gov't officials of Britian created boundaries for the colonies.This is important because these boundaries split upthe States and territories.And they are still in place today.
  • Welcome!

    On this date immigrants began to settle in Australia.It's significant becaise this is how Australia's first diversity came to be.This is why they still encourage people to come to Australia. DIVERSITY RULES!!
  • White Australia?

    White Australia?
    This is the date when the Commowealth of Austtralia was established.This date is significant because the Commonwealth og\f Australia made an Immigration Restriction Act of 1901; which restricted migration. This was called "White Australia"
  • Canberra is the new Melborne! DUH!

    Canberra is the new Melborne! DUH!
    On this date, Canberra became the Capital of Australia. This is very important because Melborne was the capital; but then they decided to make it Canberra.And Cnaberra was completed and declared the Capital city of Australia.
  • Help the Aborigines...... Please!

    Help the Aborigines...... Please!
    On this day the Federa gov't began to pass legislation to help th Aborigines. The Aborigines also took stand,and they went on strike.This is important because The gov't began to count the Aborigines as citezens, as people .
  • Astralia Act....... We're free!!!

    Astralia Act....... We're free!!!
    Here in 1986; Australia became free.All ties with the British empire were severed.This is
  • We don't think so!

    We don't think so!
    This date is when the 55%of the people of Australia said NO to the idea of becoming an independent republic. This is significant because this is when they said " Hello!We don;t like it!" They showed the gov't that they had a say, a big say i that. They voiced their thoughts out.