History of Australia


    Today has been history changing! The Dutch have found NEW land! Unfortunatley, the Dutch decided not to settle here because they were attacked by the aborigionies. The picture to the left shows the Dutch (Neterlands) flag.
  • A Second Shot!

    A Second Shot!
    At this day in time, Captain James Cook also sailed around Australia. Unlike the Dutch, Cpt. James decided to claim this area and name is New South Whales.
  • Prisoners Have Arrived

    Prisoners Have Arrived
    On this very nice day in Australia, prisoners from Great Britan are moved here. Australia is very remote, and is not surrounded by any other settlements, so this is good for the prisoners, because they can not escape.
  • New Boundaries are set!!

    New Boundaries are set!!
    Today, Australia government officials have set the official boundaries for the different states/ territories.
  • Time for Change...

    Time for Change...
    The british transported many prisoners until this time. By now many free immigrants have been settling in Australia. To the left is a British Flag.
  • Australia is Developing more and more!

    Australia is Developing more and more!
    On this day, the Common Wealth of Australia has been established. Also, the Immagration Restriction Act was passed. To the left is a Document.
  • We have a Capital!!

    We have a Capital!!
    Today, on the day of May 9th, Canberra has been chosen to be the National Capital of Australia.
  • Aborigionies are happy!!

    Aborigionies are happy!!
    On this very day, Aborigionies begin to change their attitudes. For the past years their culture and land has been trashed. Today, government officials are making laws to help preserve watever culture has not been crushed.
  • Australian Act of 1986

    Australian Act of 1986
    On this day the Australia Act was made. This act signified that all legal ties with the british empire were served.
  • Biggest Vote Yet!!

    Biggest Vote Yet!!
    Today, 55% of voters rejected the idea of becomeing an independent republic.