Tessi's Timeline

By ccds
  • Tessa Kathleen is born!

    Tessa Kathleen is born!
    On April 14, 1997, Tessa Kathleen was born to parents Beth Ann and Todd Eugene. She was bald!!
  • Tessa's first steps!!

    Tessa's first steps!!
    Yay!! Only 8 months and walking!
  • Merry Christmas Tessa!!

    Merry Christmas Tessa!!
    It's her first Chistmas!! She got a Raggedy Ann!! Yay!
  • Tessa's first birthday!!

    Tessa's first birthday!!
    Happy birthday!!! You're a whole year older!
  • Tessa's second birthday!!

    Tessa's second birthday!!
    Happy Barney Themed Birthday! A Barney character came to her birthday!!
  • Tessa's 3rd Birthday

    Already 3? You're getting so old!
  • Tessa has a sissy!!!

    Maya Colleen is born with hair on her head! Tessa is sooooooo jealous!!
  • Tessa's 4th Birthday!!!!

    Another year older! And just in time for preschool!!!
  • Maya's 1st birthday!!

    Happy birthday!!!
  • Tessa's 5th Birthday

    Happy Birthday!!
  • Maya's Second Birthday!!

    Happy Duck themed Birthday!!
  • Tessa's 6th Birthday

    Happy Birthday!!
  • Maya's 3rd Birthday

    Happy Birthday!!!
  • Tessa's 7 Birthday

    Happy Birthday!!
  • Maya's 4th Birthday!!

    Happy Birthday!!!
  • Tessa's 8th Birthday!!

    Happy Birthday!!!!
  • Tessa begins band

    Yay!!! She's very good at flute!!