Chater 25.2 The Unification of Germany Anna and Melissa

By aplusm
  • Bismark's Rise To Power

    Bismark's Rise To Power
    William 1st was king of Prussia appointed Bismark to be the head of the Prussain cabinet. Bismakr made a powerful war machine out of the Prussian army. He showed a number of reforms that helped many of the German States. Went to war to win back his territory he had lost.
  • Danish War

    Danish War
    The Danish King made a new constituition. In it, he tried to annex Schlewig for Denmark. Prussia and Austria believed in the new constitition and they thought it should be revoked. Denmark refused to change their ways, so Prussia and Austria declared war.
  • Seven Weeks War

    Seven Weeks War
    As Bismark prepared war on Austria, Prussia was expanding, In 1866 Bismark finally got Austruia to declare war on Prussia. The Prussian Army took advantage of technology and defeated the powerful Austrians in only seven weeks. The Treaty of Prague was the final event that ended the war.
  • Franco-Prussian War

    Franco-Prussian War
    The German confederation recieved a telegram from King William. When they got the telegram they edited the telegram to make it sound like the King was insulting the French. Once this was published, France declaired war on Prussia.
  • Formation of the German Empire

    Formation of the German Empire
    On January 18th allied German states had a meeting in the hall of mirrors. They declaired the formation of the German Empire. Bismark accepted a constitution that created unity between 25 German states. Each of these states had it's own ruler and set of laws.