Chapter 25.2 The Unification of Germany" Paul+Mitch

  • Bismark's Rise To Power

    Bismark's Rise To Power
    in 1861 william I became king and apointed Ottto Van Bismark to head the prussian cabenit.bismar bilt the army to a powerfull war machine.
  • The Danish War

    The Danish War
    King Christian the Ninth attempted to add the Schleswigs to Denmark.Prussia and Austria protestested the new constitution in Dane.They Demanded it be revoked and when it wasn'tn the two countries declared war on Dane.
  • The Seven Weeks War

    The Seven Weeks War
    prussian influence expanded bismark propared for war with austria then bismark provoked austria into war. it lasted, seven weeks. the treaty of prague then a year latter german states combined with prussa to create tthe north german confedaration.
  • the franco prussian war

    the franco prussian war
    To complete the unifification of Germany Bismark had to persuade the southern part of Germany to join the North German Confederation.
  • formatin of the german empier

    formatin of the german empier
    representitives of the alied states met in the hall of merors at the palles of versailles near parissthe declared the for the german empier excepet austrea.