Germany United

  • Bismark's rise to power

    Bismark's rise to power
    William I became king of Prussia.
    1 year later he appointed Otto Von Bismark to be head of the Prussian cabinet.
    Bismark planned to expand Prussia.
    Otto Von Bismark and King William ignored the Constitution by collecting citizens' taxes without the approval of Parliment.
  • The Danish War

    The Danish War
    King Christian IX took the Danish throne.
    Prussia and Austria protested the Danish Constitution.
    Prussia and Austria formed an alliance and declared war on Denmark.
    Neither France or Great Britain would ally with Denmark.
    In 1864 after 3 months of fighting, Denmark Surrendered.
    Denmark gave up Schleswig and Holstien.
    Austria and Prussia fought over who should get each peice of land.
    In the end Prussia got Schleswig and Austria got Holstein.
  • Seven weeks war

    Seven weeks war
    Austria declared war ion PRussia in 1866
    The war was over comtrol of Schleswig and Holstein
    Prussia used modern weapons, trains and and telographs.
    Prussia defeated Austria after just 7 weeks.
    The Tready of Prague ended the war officially
    Prussia got Holstein and Italy got Venetia
  • The Franco Prussia War

    The Franco Prussia War
    France declared war on Prussia in July
    no outside nation helped France
    the superb army defeated France

    hall of mirrors was a meeting of all of germanys allies
    they declared the formation of the german empire
    berlin became the capital of prussia and king william I became the emperor of Prussia