The Unification of Germany Gerardo

By gcruz
  • Bismarck's rise to power

    Bismarck's rise to power
    Bismarck worked hard to unite Germany. However, he was always aginst any form of popular goverment.He also introduce a number of reforms that helped bring together the german state.
  • The Danish War

    The Danish War
    King Christian IX proclaimed a new constitution between the duchies of Schleswig's and Holstein.Prussia and Austria protested the new Danish constitution. They both declared war on Denmark. 3 months of fighting denmark surrendered. After a bitter quarrel, Prussia and Austrian leaders decided thta Prussia would control Schleswig and Austria would control Holstein.
  • The seven weeks' war

    The seven weeks' war
    Prussia effcient conduct during the war startled the whole world. Prussian forces took advantage of technology moving by train, communicating by telegraph, and using modern weaponry. They defeated the once powerful Austria in only seven weeks. Austria surrendered Holstein to Prussia, and Italy gained Venetia . The balance of Europe power dramatically shifted
  • The Franco-Prussian war

    The Franco-Prussian war
    To complte the unification of Germany, Bismarck had to persuade the independent state in suothern Germany to join the North German confederation. His opportunity came in 1870 when he received a telegram from king William. Freanch that in july of 1870 they declared war on Prussia. As Bismarck had expected, the southern german states untied against the freanch threat.
  • The formation of the German Empire

    The formation of the German Empire
    For germany the treaty ending the franco Prussian war not as important as an event that took place before its singing. On january 18 1871 representative of the allied german states met in hall of mirrior at palace of versailles near paris