chapter 25.2 the unification of Germany. kylie zeigler and maria

  • Bismarks rise to power.

    Bismarks rise to power.
    King William I appointed Otto von Bismarck to head the Prussian cabinet. Bismarck made the army really strong. He opposed democaracy and the idea of parliament, Believed that the state should have power. Wanted to expand Prussia. Bismarck collected taxs without the approval of parliament for a military build up.
  • The danish war.

    The danish war.
    This was a war between Prussia and Austria vs Denmark. They faught for three months until Denmark surrenderd. A peace treaty was made and two duchies where given to Prussia and Austria they didn't like the idea so Prussia controlled Schleswig and Austria controlled Holstein.
  • The Seven weeks' war.

    The Seven weeks' war.
    This war was between Prussia and Austria. They were fighting over the duchies. Prussia defeated the Austrians in only 7 weeks because they had the advantage of technology. Austria surrenderd Holstein to Prussia after the treaty of Prague. Italy gained Venetia. After a year north German states united with Prussia to form the North German confederation. Each state had self government and Prussia dominated the legislature of the confederation.
  • The Franco-Prussia war.

    The Franco-Prussia war.
    Bismarck edited a teleagram from King William that made it seem like the King insulted the French ambassador. The southern German stated united against the French,
  • Formantion of the German empire.

    Formantion of the German empire.
    On January 18,1871 representative of the allied German states had met in the Hall of Mirrors at the Palace of Versailles near Paris. In this meeting they decalared the formation of the German empire and all the states except Austria. Berlin then became the empire capital. King William I of Prussia became the emperor. Bismarck was named the chancellor, or the chief minister. His nickname then becam "Iron Chancellor." Even though Bismarck didn't agree with the consitution he still accepted it.