Lifespan development

By kckace
  • Crawling

    Around 6-8 months start crawling and getting the moving feeling.
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    Lifespan Development

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    lifespan development

  • Talking

    Any where from 8 months to the age of 1 is when most babies beging talking or mymicing words such ass mama and dada
  • Walking

    anywhere from early walking from 10 months to over some babies don't stop walking until the age of 2 or maybe over. most likely at the age of 2 though.
  • Self controll, courage, and will

    Self controll, courage, and will
    During this stage learns to masterskills for ourself ,, Use the word NO!
  • Guilt

    Start to copy the adults that are around us, start making up fake play situations with dolls and such, start to use the word WHY! relationship with the family. Start to feel guilt at this age.
  • school age

    school age
    At about age 6 kids start switch different enviroment and go to school. school, teachers, become a big authority to the kids. start going to school.
  • Identity

    At this age you try to find were you belong, evertything is based on what you do. niether a kid or adult
  • Life settles in

    Life settles in
    Around the age of 25 is when you start to find your career and start recieving your own finaince and house hold and start to take car of your self.
  • Setlle down

    Setlle down
    Middle thirtys to upper thirtys you start to find a love compaigning to start a family with. Get married own your own household wife and kids come along
  • social involvment

    social involvment
    starting at 35-65 start to get in alot of social involvment guiding andhelping the next generation. Help grow and raise children. use time right. start to think about your accoomplishments in life.
  • senior stage

    senior stage
    around this age retirement comes around start to slow down, some people look back on what they didn't accomplish and gets mad. Unachieved goals.
  • Death

    Around this time is death usually occurs around this age sometimes the 90's most people even live to be in there 100's