@.4 Civil rights time line

  • Rosa parks

    Rosa Parks was arested for refusing to give her seat up on the bus to a white person. Martin Luther King led a city wide protest the day after.
  • desegration

    Only 700 of the 10000 schools in the south had desegrated.
  • Largest City Rifghts Movement

    The march on Washington led by Martin Luther King, had an audience of 250,000 Protesting for civil rights.
  • Famous speech

    Martin Luther King gave the famous Speech "I have a dream."
  • Kennedy'S assassination

  • 24th Amendment

    This abolished any form of payment or poll taxes for voters.
  • Equal employment commission

    This banned discrimination against race, gender, or religion in the work place.
  • Civil Rights bill

    Kennedy's civil rights bill was passed.
  • Voting Rights Act

    All citezins now have the right to vote.
  • "Affirmative Action!"

    Lyndon Johnson gave affirmative action to women and minorities in the workplace.
  • Thurgood Marshal

    Thurgood Marshal is appointed the 1st Afriken American to be in the supreme court.
  • Alexander vs Holmes County Board of Education

    This ended all shool segregation.