3rd McDaniel Lee Cold war and Resources.

By jxl2594
  • Begining of Cold War

    Begining of Cold War
    Although people do not know the exact date the cold war started, they do know it was around mid 1940s after WWII. The US feared that the Solviet Union would spread communism all over the world.
  • NATO is Formed

    NATO is Formed
    NATO was a alliance by United States, France, the United Kingdom, Canada, Greece, Spain, and some more. They agreed to help each other during the Cold war.
  • Cuban Missile Crsis

    Cuban Missile Crsis
    After the US found about secret missles in Cuba, John F. Kennedy ordered the navy to block Soviet ships. At the end the Solviets took back their missles and the US did the same in Turkey.
  • The Wall of Berlin Falls

    The Wall of Berlin Falls
    The wall of Berlin was a wall from keeping people in and out of Berlin. Then, the wall fell in 1989
  • Solviet Union Collapses

    Solviet Union Collapses
    In 1991, the Solviet union collapsed and formed into democratic countries. This also ended the Cold War.