Texas Revolution Timeline

  • Battle Of Gonzales

    Battle Of Gonzales
    This was the first military engagement since the Texas Revolution. It was fought near the town of Gonzales, hence the name. It was fought between Rebel Texans and a few Mexican army troops.It was started because the Rebels had a cannon that the Mexicans wanted and they refused. This made the Mexicans very angry, so they went down and fought them.
  • Consultation of 1835

    Consultation of 1835
    This was called to discuss the problems with Mexico and what to do about it. Branch T. Archer was chosen to be the President at the meeting. While they were there they made a Provisional Government, with Henry Smith was chosen to be Govener. Stephen F. Austin was a commisoner, and the acting Govener was James W. Robinson. Though it was stopped before they could declare their independence they all agreed it should be done.
  • Declaration of 1835

    Declaration of 1835
    This was the formal Declaration of Independence from Mexico. IT was made at Washington-On-The-Brazos. At this meeting the President was Richard Ellis. Five people were selected to draft the declaration that was made.The day it was finished, there was no debate.
  • Period: to

    Texans Attack San Antonio

    This is when the Texans fought the Mexicans who had been inhabitating San Antonio. They fought hard and well, as the Mexicans had to surrender. However, the Mexicans went straight to Santa Anna and told him what had happened.
  • Surrender of Mexican Forces in San Antonio

    Surrender of Mexican Forces in San Antonio
    The Rebels had gone to San Antonio to take over it. They fought over it until the Mexicans had surrendered. However, when the Mexicans left, they went to Santa Anna to report it.
  • March of the Mexican Army

    March of the Mexican Army
    This army headed out to San Antonio after the Mexicans had surrendered it to the Rebels. Santa Anna was so angry, he marched along with the army. He pushed his army hard. They walked through all kinds of weather, wheather it be rain or shine they were marching.
  • Period: to

    Siege of the Alamo

    This is when Mexico starting infiltrating San Antonio. It wasn't a full on battle but it was still important in that time period, because the Rebels were unprepared, they had thought that the Mexicans would take longer because of the rain.
  • Period: to

    Runaway Scrape

    This was when Santa Anna had cornered all the Americans and Tejanos who had run when they saw that the Mexican government was not working. When they were cornered they were all killed.
  • Texas Declaration of Independence

    Texas Declaration of Independence
    This is when Texas wrote the Declaration and offically declared themselves independent. They gave themselves a government and made it a Republic, so that the person in charge, the President, would not be able to have more control than needed.
  • Battle of the Alamo

    Battle of the Alamo
    This was the turning point in the Texas Revolution. Santa Anna had 5,000 troops to the Rebels 140. The odds did not look good. Only two Texans survived the harsh attack. That's when the Rebels decided that Texas should be free.
  • Period: to

    Battle of Refugio and Coleto

    This battle was unfairly fought. It was 120 Americans and over 1,000 Mexicans. It was fought near the town of Refugio, and Mexico won and it tore the rest of the American resistance.
  • Swearing In of the Texas government officals

    Swearing In of the Texas government officals
    This is when the Texas people made a government and swore in officals. This offically made them a free country. It was a very important time for them, especially because it was right after the San Antonio battle