Texas revolution

By jonny13
  • Battle of Gonzales

    Battle of Gonzales
    This battle was fought by the american rebels and the mexicans. The rebels had taken the mexicans' cannon and buried it, after a wile they dug it back up and made a sign that said "come and take it." The U.S. settlers started to attack the mexicans and only one mexican ended up dead
  • Consultation of 1835

    Consultation of 1835
    The consultation of 1835 was a meeting were lots of representative came to discuss about Texas. Even though Stephen F. Austin wasent there, they had other people to go for him. There were about Sixteen delagates.
  • Declaration of 1835

    Declaration of 1835
    The Declaration of November 7, 1835, was a declaration of causes for taking up arms against Mexico. It has eight declarations that the people should follow. The picture on the left is the declaration of 1835. this declaration also has signatures like the declaration of inde pendance
  • Texans attack of San Antonio

    Texans attack of San Antonio
    The plan of assault proposed that three hundred volunteers should be led into the town in three divisions : the first, under Colonel Jack, to take and occupy the house of Jose Angel Navarro ; the second, under Lieutenant Sommervell, to take and occupy the house of Antonio de la Garza ; and the third, under Major Morris, to take and occupy the house of Veramendi. They attacked at four oclock the next mornig (Dec. 4)
  • Surrender of Mexican forces in San Antonio

    Surrender of Mexican forces in San Antonio
    This event was led by Sam Houston and Sam's team won on a fight that only lasted eighteen minutes. About 700 of the Mexican soldiers were killed and 730 captured, while only nine Texans died. Santa Anna surrendered and the texans were proud that they had won.
  • March of the Mexican army

    March of the Mexican army
    The Mexican Army headed to San Antonio after surrendering at the Rebellion. Santa Anna was furious, and marched with them. He pushed them farther and farther, unwilling to let them stop. The mexican army kept marching even if it rained.
  • Siege of the Alamo

    Siege of the Alamo
    The Siege of the Alamo started on Febuary 23 and ended on march 6. On Febuary 23, mexican troops who were led by Santa Anna surrounded the Alamo. The Alamo was defended by some texans who were led by William Barret Travis and James Bowie and icluding Davy Crockett.
  • Texas Declaration of independence

    Texas Declaration of independence
    The Texas declaration of independance took place in the night during the Seige of the Alamo.It contains statements on the function and responsibility of government. It also has the signatures of important people like Sam Houston and Thomas Jefferson.
  • Battle of the Alamo

    Battle of the Alamo
    In this battle all the texans died exept two of the texan defenders. Santa Anna and his army had outnumberd and won the Texans. Not much of the mexicans had died because they were prepared with weapons and other things.
  • Constitution of 1836

    Constitution of 1836
    The Texas Constitution establishes the fundamental laws under which all of it's citizens are governed.However, Texas has operated continuously under a constitutional government since 1824--a dozen years before the Fall of the Alamo! The Constitution supported many of the US constitution, featuring "Trial by Jury" and others.
  • Baattle of Refugio/Coleto(Goliad Massacre

    Baattle of Refugio/Coleto(Goliad Massacre
    Mexican General José Urrea and 1,500 Centralista soldiers fought against Amon Butler King and his 28 American volunteers and Lieutenant Colonel William Ward and his approximately 120 Americans. The battle resulted in a Mexican victory and splintered Texan resistance.The Battle of Refugio was fought from March 12–March 15, 1836, near Refugio, Texas.
  • Runaway scrape

    Runaway scrape
    The Runaway Scrape was given to Anglo-americans, and Tejanos after Mexican General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna and his army began their march through the south central and eastern part of the territory after the fall of the Alamo in March 1836, pushing the population before him until he had cornered them and their army under Sam Houston at San Jacinto.
  • Swearing in of the Govt. officials

    Swearing in of the Govt. officials
    The swearing in of the government officials was an event were they chose commisioners and other important people.Three commisioners were elected:Stephen F.Austin,Branch Archer, and William H. Warton. Sam Houston was named commander-in-cheif.