My Career: Past, Present and Future

  • Peer Tutor

    I was a freshman in college and decided to tutor some of my friends that needed help back home.
  • Substitute Teacher

    This is was my first experience alone in the classroom. No more teachers to help me out. I subbed for a 7th grade Math class
  • Instructional Aide

    I was a one to one personal aide to a student with Autism. This is the job that helped me decide that I wanted to go back to school for Special Education
  • Leave Replacement - 11th grade US History

    Back to the school that I attended. This is was the first time I actually got my own class. It was here were I started to develop my own classroom rules, routines, classroom management and strategies.
  • 7th and 8th grade US History Teacher

    This is where I am currently working. It is a great place to teach. The students, parents and faculty are a pleasure to work with.
  • Graduation.....Again?

    This is when i will get my Master's Degree in Special Education
  • Mr. Y turns into Dr. Y

    Hopefully by this time I would have spent enough time in the education world to really be used to the profession. By this time I would like to my Ph.D. and start working on my book about Vietnam.
  • Professor Y.

    This seems like an appropiate time to start teaching on the college level
  • Age is only a number

    I would still like to be teaching. As I mentioned before I do not want to put a limit on my Career. My cousin once told me she has never worked a day in her life. That is because teaching was not just work to her but a way of life. That is exactly how I want to feel.