Lynn's Life

By lugeman
  • Birth

    Born at St. Ann's Hospital in Anaconda, MT. My grandfather Wolverton had to drive my mother to the hospital but my father (Archie) did show up when I was born. Sometimes I think that I was born on Friday the 13th, but that's not the case. This picture is early 1900's. I remember it as being remodeled and more modern
  • Job Corps

    Job Corps
    The date is only approximate, but I was having so much trouble in school and was failing everything, that Mom felt that I needed something. Job Corps had just been created a few months before and was for kids that had no direction or future in traditional schooling. Everything at home was also coming to a head. Mom had finally had all that she could take, after 15 years of abuse and she divorced him shortly after I left, but family life was chaotic at best in the months leading up to this.
  • Joined US Navy

    Joined US Navy
  • Married

    Married in the LDS chruch at Cambridge, MA. My mom lived to far away (MT) to attend and Beverly's parents weren't speaking to here, so it was attended by just a couple of people. Jones O'Quinn (Peaches) from Ballgram, GA was my best man. Elder L. Tom Perry was the Stake Pres. at the time but I never met him. I was thoroughly nervous all day.
  • Lufkin Texas.. ATD

    Lufkin Texas.. ATD
    Flew into Houston and drove to Eastern TX to do an ATD traffic video. Lufkin TX has some great Bar-b-que at a hole in the wall called "The Pit Stop". They raise their own animals and make their own sausage. Every TX celebrity you can think of has a photo on the wall. George Forman came in yesterday. It's in the 90s here and very humid.
  • Miami FL.. ATD

    Miami FL.. ATD
    Arrived on the second leg of my ATD journey. Hot and very humid, just like East TX. I found a great Cuban bakery and have endulged myself. Other than that, I'm not a fan of Miami. Barrack Obama was nominated as the Democratic Pres. candidate. Heaven help us if he wins.
  • Leonard Wolverton passes away

    Leonard Wolverton passes away
    Grandpa died tonight at a rest home in Bellingham WA. His colon cancer had metastisized and his liver was failing. He passed away almost one year after gram died. I can't imagine the rejoicing that is taking place on the other side. Like for gram, I am giving the eulogy. He was 99 lived an amazing life. I love him very much.
  • Daytona Beach FL

    Daytona Beach FL
    I've spent the last week with Dan Haggerty (Grizzly Adams) at the Golden Seas in Daytona. We had a hurricane come close by, but it missed us. I got to ride his sons chopper while I was there and had an enjoyable time.
  • Isaac Enzo Davis is Born

    6 lbs. 12 oz born at 8:14 PM in Portland OR. Isaac is my third grandson. Welcome Home!
  • Tesla / ATD

    Transported the Tesla from San Francisco to Seattle last week and back and then flew out to FL to do an ATD job in Bradenton.
  • Luge Official

    Took the classes and passed the exam to be a National Luge Official. This is the first step to experience so I might be able to be part of the Vancouver BC Olympics. Who knows?
  • Sweetwater FL and ATD

    Well I'm back in Sweetwater FL, it's really just Miami, and doing another video job for ATD. I appreciate the work but I'm not thrilled about the Cuban culture in Miami. No one, and I do mean no one speaks English. It seems like all of the different cultures of the world decend on the U.S. but no one wants to assimilate into being Americans. Spend a couple of days in Sweetwater and you will understand what I mean.
  • Montgomery County MD

    Just spent a week in the DC area for ATD. Wouldn't want to live there.
  • McComb Mississippi

    McComb Mississippi
    Drove from SLC to MS. This little town imspired me to write about the Civil Rights past that it has forgotten. It was pivotal in the early 60s for blacks.
  • Christmas in Portland

    started out and only made it as far as Boise because of the snow and ice have closed the roads. I am staying an additional night in Boise and we'll see what happens on Monday.