The Journal of Fryderyk Chopin

By philsam
  • Birthday

    I was born in a small cottage about fifty miles West of Warsaw. My father (,Mikołaj,) I later learn is a tutor for the local Aristrocrats. He is also friends with many of them. I would like to be like his students, they always talk about how great city life is. I just wonder how I will beome wealthy.
  • Moving Day

    Moving Day
    Today, we just moved into Warsaw. Dad got a new job teaching French a university by the Saxon Palace. I love it here. We get to live on the palace grounds, but I am much to young to be going out. I hope I can attend a college like the one in Saxon one of these days.
  • Piano Lessons

    Piano Lessons
    My late Birthday present just came in today.It;s piano lessons! Mother says that she will teach me piano, since I have grown an interest since I heard a piano at the university when they hosted a waltz. Mother also promises if I get better playing piano by next year, she will get me formal lessons. I hope to be a great piano player one of these days. Dad says that I learn things like a sponge takes in water, and learning piano is going to be a cinch.
  • Piano Lessons

    Piano Lessons
    Today, it has been two years since I have been taking formal piano lessons from my instructor, Wojciech Zywny. He says I have been improving tremendolys since I have been under his wing. He say that his is surprised that I have not started composing my own music. To tell the truth. I have been composing my own musi , and my first piece is called Polanise 1, I'm going to play it for my first recital during Christmas
  • Christmas Reciatal

    Christmas Reciatal
    Tonight, I had just perform in public for the very first time. U was a hit. Some of the people even started dancing when I played Polanise 1. Dad says I have a stage name. Its "Little Chopin".
  • Performace for the Emperor

    Performace for the Emperor
    Today, I get to perform in front of the Emperor of Russia, Tsar Alexander 1, his new wife Nikolai Vassilievich Isakov, and his subjects. I am nervous. Dad say I'll knocked dead. I know I'll do fine, but I am afraid of Tsar. He seems stressed out . It must be because of this fighting with Napoleon Bonaparte. Its not easy beng the leader.
  • First School Day of School

    First School Day of School
    Today, I had my First Day of school at Kazimierz Palace. I am going here rather than Saxon Palace because my Dad got a new job here teaching French. I actually saw him in the hallway today. Its weird to think my Dad as a Teacher. I am now taking clases on classical literature, singing, drawing, music theory and harmony.
  • Studing at Warsaw

    Studing at Warsaw
    I moved across the street to in the Academy of Fine Arts in 1827. Here I was taught even more at the piano. I also made many performances in Warsaw in many places from 1829-1835.
  • Stay in Paris

    Stay in Paris
    After leaving home, I traveled over Europe looking for a new place to which to call home. I stopped in Paris in late September, uncertain whether or not I should stay there for good. I took lessons there from pianist Friedrich Kalkbrenner. I also received praises in my works especially in February 1832, where I did a concert that received universal attention.
  • Lifestyle in Paris

    Lifestyle in Paris
    In my stay in Paris, I hardly ever performed in public. I moslty did annual concerts with minimal people. I also played at salons for the aristrocratic, artistic, and literary people of that period. But I moslty played at home with an audience of friends.
  • Love to Maria

    Love to Maria
    Some of my music had traces from my love in “L’Adieu” (“The Farewell Waltz”), Etude in F minor, I referred to as “a portrait of Maria’s soul”. I did seven songs that was from the words of Romantic poets Stefan Witwicki, Jozef Zolaski, Adam Mickiewicz, that I also sent to Maria in 1836.
  • Chopin's death

    Chopin's death
    I died from illness in October 17, 1849. My sister came to be with me in the apartment Place Vendome. I was 39. My grave is in Paris.
  • Legacy

    I became a great composer and had done many great compositions. There was an International Piano competition held in my honor every year. The recent is in 2005.