Baby bby

Baby Time Line

  • month 1

    month 1
    Lifts head and turns it from one side to the other when placed on stomach
  • month 2

    month 2
    Makes sounds such as "ooh" and "aah"
  • 3 months

    3 months
    Opens and closes hands. Holds head steadily when held up.
  • 4 months

    4 months
    May begin to use vowels and consonants in babbling , such as "ah ga"
  • 5 months

    5 months
    Turns head in direction of sound, and reaches out and grabs toys
  • 6 months

    6 months
    Passes a block from one hand to the other. May begin creeping
  • 7 month

    7 month
    Rolls over both ways. Sits up steadily. Stands with assistance
  • 8 month

    8 month
    Pulls self up to standing. Bangs blocks together
  • 9 month

    9 month
    Notices small objects. May start associating sounds with objects.
  • 10 month

    10 month
    Uses index finger to start pointing. Can put objects in containers.
  • 11 month

    11 month
    Walks while holding onto furniture or crib rails for support.
  • 12 month

    12 month
    May walk a few steps alone. Stands alone for short time.