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Developmental Milestones from Birth - Six Years

  • Birth

    A child is born! He comes into his parents lives, developmentally normal.
  • Period: to

    Birth - Six Years

  • Two Months

    Two Months
    Physical: Baby can now hold head up and begins to push himself up when lying on tummy.
    Social/Emotional: Baby begins to smile. Can briefly calm himself, and may bring his hands or thumb to his mouth. Will try to find the parent.

    Cognitive: Begins to follow things with their eyes, pays attention to faces, will act fussy if the activity they are engaged in becomes boring. Develops awareness of surrounding sounds.

    Language: Recognizes parents' voices and responds. Coos at various pitches.
  • Four Months

    Four Months
    Social/Emotional: Smiles spontaneously. Likes to play with people, might be upset when playing stops. Copies movements and facial expressions.

    Cognitive: Takes greater interest in surroundings. Responds to affection, reaches for toy with one hand, follows moving things with eyes, recognizes familiar people.
    Language: Laughs and babbles with increasing tones. Enjoys being read to and looking at picture books.
    Physical:Holds head steady. Pushes up to elbows while on tummy. Can hold/shake toys,
  • Six Months

    Six Months
    S&E: Knows familiar faces, likes to play with others, responds to other people's emotions, likes to look at self in mirror.
    Lang: Responds to sounds by making sounds, responds to own name, begins to say consanant sounds, makes happy sounds and upset sounds.
    C: Brings things to mouth, begins to pass things from one hand to another, shows curiousity about things and tries to get them.
    P: Rolls in both directions. Can sit without support. When standing, supports weight on legs. Might bounce.
  • Nine Months

    Nine Months
    S&E:May be afraid of strangers, clingy with familiar adults. Frustrated if activity interrupted. Expresses feelings.
    L: Laughs, giggles, makes sounds. Imitates sounds, repeats syllables. Responds to no.
    C:Develops awareness of cause and effect, recognizes partly hidden items.
    P:Can sit alone, pulls to standing position, claps hands, moves by creeping or rolling.
  • 1 year!

    1 year!
    S&E:Shows sensitivity to approval&disapproval. Developing ability to trust. Cries when mom/dad leave. Puts out arm or leg to help with dressing.
    L:Says three or more recognizable words. Reacts vocally to music Tries to say words you say,responds to simple spoken requests.
    C:Finds hidden things,bangs things,copies gesture, can drink from a cup/brush hair.
    P: May stand alone. Uses fingers to eat, and can hold a spoon. Can drink cow's milk, but cannot feed self yet.
  • 16 Months

    16 Months
    S&E: Likes to hand things to others, shows affection to familiar people, may have temper tantrums, points to show interesting things.
    L: Says several single words, says and shakes head no, points to show what he wants.
    C:Scribbles on his own, follows one step verbal instructions, points to body parts, knows what ordinary things are for.
    P: Uses spoon to eat, walks well, climbs, can build tower of blocks. Wants to carry heavier things.
  • Twenty Months

    Twenty Months
    S&E: Plays alone, but likes to be near family members. Joins in family routines. Can be possessive.
    L: Spoken Vocabulary of 12 - 15 words, understands many more words than he can say, Repeats last words of sentence.
    C: Likes to help parents with house chores. Digging, gardening, cleaning. Can do simple puzzles.
    P: Holds or grasps pencil, and scribbles with preferred hand. Walks fast, climbs, jumps. Wants to be more independent.
  • Two Years

    Two Years
    S&E: Copies others, gets excited seeing other chidren, shows defience, shows more independence.
    L: Points to things when they are named. Follows simple instructions, says sentences with 2-4 words. Repeats words overheard.
    C:Begins to sort shapes and colors. Plays simple make believe games.Might use one hand more than the other. Follows two step instructions.
    P: Stands on tiptoe. Kicks a ball. Begins to run. Walks up and down stairs.
  • Three Years

    Three Years
    S&E: Shows affection without prompting. Takes turns. Shows concern for crying friend. Shows a wide range of emotions. Separates easier from parents.
    L: Names familiar things. Carries on conversation using 2 - 3 sentences. Names friends. Says first name, gender and age.
    C: Builds larger towres. Plays make believe with more props. Copies a circle. Turns book pages one at a time.
    P: Climbs well, runs easily, peddles a trike, walks up and down stairs with one foot per step.
  • Four Years

    Four Years
    S&E:Plays mom and dad. Enjoys doing new things. Can't tell the difference between real and make believe. Likes to play with other children, instead of alone.
    L: Assigns the right gender to things, signs songs or poems from memory, tells stories, can say first and last name.
    C:Understands same and different. Can foreshadow in a story. Uses scissors. Draws a person with 2 - 4 body parts.
    P: Hops. Can stand on one foot for two seconds. Pours, cuts, and mashes own food with supervision.
  • Five Years

    Five Years
    S&E: Wants to please and be like friends. Likes to sing, dance, act. Can tell difference between real and make believe. Is sometimes very demanding, sometimes cooperative.
    L: Speaks clearly. Says name and address. Tells simple stories using full sentences.
    P: Counts 10 or more things. Can write some letters and numbers. May be able to skip. Can use toilet alone. Swings and climbs.
  • Six Years

    Six Years
    S&E:Learns basic social structures. May show signs of sibling rivalry. Develops more stable relationships with friends. Responds to consistent management.
    L: Starting to become emergent reader, repeats sentences, can express ideas in more advanced language.
    C:Identifies colors and shapes, learning to add/subtract, understands meaning of numbers.
    P: Can ride a bike with training wheels. Improves drawing skills and imporoves running, jumping, and climbing skills.