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School Aged Children Milestones

  • 6 year old's

    6 year old's
  • 6 year old's Physical Development

    The physical development of 6 year old's is very prominent and on average their height increases from 2 to 2.5 inches.
  • 6 year old's Emotional Development

    6 year old's are now able to vent out their emotions as they now become more aware of them.
  • 6 year old's Cognitive Development

    6 year old's will begin to enjoy independent reading and writing time. They enjoy writing small paragraphs especially about their life.
  • 6 year old's intellectual Development

    Their vocabulary increases up to 2,000 words and their sentences are now formed with five or more words.
  • 7 year old's

    7 year old's
  • 7 year old's Physical development

    Are able to perform movements while standing some of which include turning, spinning, and twisting.
  • 7 year old's Emotional development

    7 year old's are able to describe the causes and consequences of their current state of emotions
  • 7 year old's cognitive development

    As children reach the age of 7 they are able to solve word problems in math
  • 7 year old's Intellectual development

    They are able to read and talk with more fluency.
  • 8 year old's

    8 year old's
  • 8 year old's physical development

    A key milestone within the physical development of an 8 year old is the improved and refined small muscle control which allows for activities such as playing musical instruments.
  • 8 year old's emotional development

    As children approach being 8 years old they start to seek direct physical contact from caregivers while they are put under stressful situations.
  • 8 year old's cognitive development

    8 year old's are able to focus on a task for an hour or even longer
  • 8 year old's intellectual development

    They are rapidly developing their vocabulary with many learning an estimated 3,000 new words through that year.
  • 9 year old's

    9 year old's
  • 9 year old's Physical Development

    It is common among 9 year old's to experience a growth spurt so a sudden change in height and weight is common.
  • 9 year old's emotional Development

    At the age of 9 children can act rude and unreasonable at times. However they are able to recognize it and apologize for their behavior.
  • 9 year old's Cognitive Development

    9 year old's are now conveying interests in hobbies as they have an increased time span on certain things.
  • 9 year old's Intellectual Development

    They are able to express themselves using complex vocabulary along with using adult-like grammar correctly.
  • 10 year old's

    10 year old's
  • 10 year old's physical Development

    They demonstrate improved agility, speed, coordination ,and balance.
  • 10 year old's emotional Development

    10 year old's are beginning to admire and imitate the older youth.
  • 10 year old's cognitive Development

    They have an even more increased attention span and can now spend prolonged period of times on activities they take an interest in.
  • 10 year old's intellectual Development

    They are now able to analyze stories and can offer criticism about the things they read and write.
  • 11 year old's

    11 year old's
  • 11 year old's Physical Development

    A key milestone for 11 year old's are early signs of puberty.
  • 11 year old's emotional Development

    As 11 year old's are growing rapidly they begin to question authority figures and resist physical affection from parents.
  • 11 year old's cognitive Development

    They convey an increased attention span but they do often and rapidly change their interests.
  • 11 year old's intellectual Development

    At this age many of the speech issues that may have previously been present in a child should be resolved.
  • 12 year old's

    12 year old's
  • 12 year old's physical development

    This is the age of puberty which includes the menstruation cycle within girls and muscular development within boys.
  • 12 year old's emotional development

    This is a rebellious age and children tend to cement their independence from parents but still strive for adult approval.
  • 12 year old's cognitive development

    12 year old's are more aware of social issues so they become interested in concepts of justice and equality.
  • 12 year old's intellectual development

    By 12 years old children have a strong command of language along with communication skills.