Epic gandhi

Epic Gandhi

  • Amristar Massacre

    Amristar Massacre
    This, like all massacres are horrible events that cause thousands of deaths.
  • India Independence Day

    India Independence Day
    The day when India decided they should celebrate their new-found independence from Great Britain.
  • Salt March

    Salt March
    Man this sounds like it was pretty epic, a bunch of people in protest...marching for salt....that'd be like nowadays if we barged into Canada on foot for Maple Syrup!
  • Quit India Movement

    Quit India Movement
    A movement for independence...thought the name confuses me, why would people want to quit India exactly?
  • Formation of Pakistan

    Formation of Pakistan
    The day where Britain agreed to form the commonwealth known as Pakistan.
  • Gandhi Assassination

    Gandhi Assassination
    The day Gandhi was assassinated was a terrible day, many people came out to mourn him.