My crazy life!

  • Born

    I was born in shawano
  • got an awesome ball bouncer

  • Almost died in a police chase/car accident

    my mom's boyfriend commited a crime and my mom brought me with
  • Adopted mom and real dad's wedding

    Adopted mom and real dad's wedding
    The day my parents got married was the greatest day ever.I got to be the flower girl and I got lot's of candy.My new mom looked so pretty.The colors of the wedding was red ,white and blue. Afterwrds they had the reception which was very fun even though some one spilled soda on me.The best part was the cake I'll never forget that day.
  • brother was born

    brother was born
    On October 23 the coolest thing happened, my little brother was born. I remember being so upset because he was going to be born on my birthday; luckily he was born the day after. The day of the birth I bought my brother a bear and a tiger. My mom was very tired that day and very hungry .The first suit my brother ever wore was a Vikings jumpsuit .Sometimes I still wish that he was a baby because he can be a pain
  • realmomgot married

    she did this to get away from me
  • met andrew

    he lives in california
  • Adopted

    I never thought that I’d ever get adopted. In 2008 my mom did not want me anymore. We decided it would be best if Mary, my dad’s wife, would adopt me. It was a good idea except I had flashbacks of a car accident I had with my mom. I didn’t understand why she put me in danger but then just gave me up? After that my dad explained why I needed to get adopted .I had to make a choice by the end of day. In the end I chose Mary and now I live a pretty normal life
  • andrew was in a movie as an extra

    he bragged alot
  • adopted mom popped eardrum and could have died

    she could not walk