My Life on a Timeline

  • Born

  • Walked for the first time

  • Started Preschool

  • Started Kindergarten

  • Got my favorite stuffed dog

    Got my favorite stuffed dog
    I’m going to tell you about when I got my favorite stuffed dog, Sammy. My family and I went shopping for a donation thing at school. I picked out a really cute stuffed dog. We took it home and I hugged it so much. I cried when we had to give it away. When Christmas came, I was so happy because my mom and grandma bought the same kind of stuffed dog. Sammy is an awesome stuffed dog!!!
  • Donated my hair to Locks of Love

  • Met my best friend

  • First time I went to Camp Luther

    First time I went to Camp Luther
    In August 2007, I went to Camp Luther for the first time, let me tell about it. First, I had to ride in a 3 hour car ride with my cousins to get there. It was kind of boring at first, but when we got there, I was happy. Then I went and met my roommates, 1 was my cousin and the other 2 people I didn’t know. We stayed for 5 days. All of the activities were so much fun. My favorite activity was volleyball explosion. I love Camp Luther so much!!!!!!!!!!!
  • First time I helped babysit

  • Went to my first Brewer game

  • Bit by a Dog

    In October, 2008, a very scary thing happened to me, let me tell about it. One night my mom and I had to pick up my brother and sister from church at 7:00 pm. My mom saw one of her friends and waved him over. He brought his black lab with him. I went out to play with the dog. I went to pet him the dog jumped up and bit me on the face. My mom had to drive me to the hospital. We were at the hospital until 10:30 pm. I’m not a fan of big dogs now.
  • My softball team won the league tournament

  • Started Middle School