History of the Internet by Zoe.

By 7d12009
  • Transistor.

    1947/48 John Bardeen, Walter Brattain & Wiliam Shockley invented the The Transistor No, a transistor is not a computer, but this invention greatly affected the history of computers and how they are today.
  • Sputnik.

    The USSR launches Sputnik, the first artificial earth satellite.
  • In 1962.

    Licklider becomes the first Director of IPTO and gave his vision of a galactic network, namingly, the internet.
  • First computer game.

    First computer game.
    In 1962 Steve Russel and his company invented the first ever computer game. 'Spacewar Computer Game' If that game had not of been invented then today we might not have some games such as The Sims and WOW.
  • Mouse and Keyboard

    Mouse and Keyboard
    in 1964 Douglas Engelbart invented the Computer Mouse.
    Windows then nicknamed the mouse, a 'mouse' because the cord that came out the end, resembles a mice's tail.
  • NWG

    In the summer of 1968 the Network Working Group (NWG) held its first meeting chaired by Elmer Shapiro with the Stanford Research Institute. They discussed how to produce and create the virtual world they had visioned.
  • UCLA's internet.

    UCLA's internet.
    UCLA puts out a press release introducing the public to the Internet on July 3, 1969. They introduced them to what the internet was, and how it works.
  • First internet message transmitted.

    On Friday October 29, the first Internet message was sent from internet and computer science Professor Leonard KleinRock's laboratory at UCLA, in California, Los Angeles, America. It was transfered through his computer into another one. It was very quite remarkable at that moment in time.
  • the Floppy Disk.

    the Floppy Disk.
    IIn 1971 Alan Shugart and IBM invented the 'Floppy' Disk. It was nicknamed a Floppy Disk for its flexibilty.
  • First email message

    First email message
    Ray Tomlinson introduces network e-mail in 1972, the first messaging system to send messages across a network to other users. He then sent email messages around the world,
  • HTML

    In 1990 Tim Berners-Lee develops HTML, it was a big breakthrough as we use it now, it also makes a huge contribution to how we navigate and view the Internet today.
  • WWW. invented

    WWW. invented
    On August the 6th 1991Tim Berners-Lee created, discovered and made WWW. Which stands for World Wide Web. That was probably the biggest breakthrough as it is in every web address, and the way we navigate the internet.
  • Instant Messaging,

    Instant Messaging,
    In 1995, AIM was launched just to AOL employees. It was initially dubbed "the stalker feature" since many employees were uncomfortable having their co-workers know when they were online. AOL then decided to make AIM available to its subscribers and customers in May 1997.
    Since version 2.0, AIM has included person-to-person instant messaging, chatroom talking, and the ability to share files your buddies. Version 4.3 introduced the storing of your contact list .