jeffs timeline

  • A driving desaster

    A driving desaster
    It was my first time getting to drive and I had just turned twelve it was so fun but I was so nervous. Iwas doing just fine at first untill my cousin started yelling and I started to lose control and crashed into a fence. I mean thought it was funny because should have been yelling at me but it was a few years later before I got to get behind the wheel again.
  • 5th grade graduation

    5th grade graduation
    The year I graduated from fifth grade was a happy in a very big day for me. I felt proud and older because I was going to big bad middle school.
  • First varsity sport

    First varsity sport
    It was my first year in middle school and me and so many other first years love the game basketball. We were excited ofcourse every one thought of there self as good.The only thing was the 7th and definetly 8th graders were bigger stronger tougher faster and alot taller. We were just sitting ducks and didn`t know what to expect. But supprise me and the few other fearlest 6th graders made the team through determination.
  • First day of high school

    First day of high school
    My first day of high school I was so excited I felt like the big man on campus. Still once I got there its was still a little uncomfortable thanks to the upper class man. They made me and the other freshman feel like nothing. We were so belittle because we were the youngest and didn`t know how things went.
  • Deceitful promise

    Deceitful promise
    It felt like every thing was so promising for me and my friends. We had been playing basketball all summer training and working hard. We just knew we were good and was the championship team. But as always something had to come up two before try outs to. Still I cant believe it I felt like this day ruined every thing. The day I got ran over and drag seventeen feet no basketball for me all my hard work went to watse.
  • Real Big Wind Storm

    Real Big Wind Storm
    The biggest wind storm ever atleast it felt like.I had just woke to go to the bathroom and I seen and heard the wind blowing like crazy. My mom fell asleep in the living room with the tv on and then the power goes out. It was crazy next thing you know I see a tree fall only about two feet from my house and crush the fence. Its was so scary so I woke my up and told her what just had happen. It got real cold with no power for a few days.
  • Surgery

    Surgery was horrible I felt horrible and to they told me I had to wait to play sports for another year. After just sitting out a year I was mad. And on top of that I couldn`t move my arm like wanted to any more. Surgery was just all bad news it seem like to me.
  • Fresh newstart at newstart

    Fresh newstart at newstart
    Coming to Newstart was a chance for me to get a fresh new start despite my pass in high school. Knowing that I came starting with great grades and then they graduately went down.
  • Saying good bye to a good old friend

    Saying good bye to a good old friend
    The day my cat died was just the saddest thing. We had it for thirthteen years so he was family. He grew up with me so it was real tough watching him go from cancer and old age.