How i went to my first concert

  • Paulina Rubio

    When i was with my aunt she got me free tickets and her too that was my first concert and it was awsomo thing that happen to meh!!!!!>.<
  • FlyLeaf

    i was with my brother and meh and him were going to the macallen mall then went to the parking lot and there was an band playing so we went there and jam out from the concert it was another fun experince that i have for the second time but it was fun!!^^
  • Disturbed

    me and my one of my cloet bestfriend went to houstan for some road trip as we went pass by to go home we passed by a park and there was a hudge concert
  • NightWish

    my aunt got tickets after a fun day with my uncle and her and we call the radio station q 94.5 the rock statsion for some free tickets we did we got them and we went to the concert it was an fun thing to experince
  • Metalica

    my family and i went to north coralina for my aunts furnural and as we went there we found out there was an big concert that me and my family adore so much and we got the tickets and it was an fun day for me and them!!!^^
  • Advenged Senerfold

    hopefully i get to se this performance start cause i have been dieng to see them they are my ........8th fav. band out of all of them and it would be pretty exciting to see them play after they get out of there fall thing that my come up in auguest or september!?!
  • Paramore

    that would be an excited day if i went to see paramore in my BIRTHDAY!!! ekkk awsome day ever hopefully i wanna get an suviner from that never gonna forget that memoray and i will be 15 YAYA!!!!!!! the most happiest thing in my life forEVA!!!!^^
  • Splitnot

    that would be so awsome if i get to see that band to perform in real life in Halloween the most excited thing ever that i will cheerish for ever and ever and plus there are 3 MAGIOR!!!!! good things that i love about this the first i get to see them 2 i love them and 3 it its.....LIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    my awsomeness band ever since the 1990's i have love and cheerish this band for ever and that would be exciting seeing them play out of all of thesse cand are going to play i think i would love this the MOST OUT OF ALL!!^^
  • K0Rn

    i wanna see this band play with me and my bestfriend destiny for me and her to go see it the most awsomeness thing ever i would love and cheerish plus i would get to see my bestfriend destiny again for the 1st time YAY!!!!!^^