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In History
  • Three Emperors' League

    Russia Germany and Austria-Hungary cooperated
  • Russia-Turkey

    Russia attacks Turkey because wants to gain European territories
  • Treaty of San Stefano

    Peace treaty of Russia and Turkey
  • Treaty of Berlin

    Serbia and Rumania become independent
    Austria gets Bosnia
  • Dual Alliance

    Germany and Austro-Hungarian Monarchy created and alliance
  • Renew of the Three Emperors' League

  • Triple Alliance

    Dual Alliance+Italy formed a triple alliance
  • French-Russian alliance

  • Spanish-American war

    Cuba, Puerto-Rico, Guam and The Philippines were gained by the USA
  • Fashoda Crisis

    French withdrew in the colonization of Africa
  • European rule in Africa

    By 1900 only Ethiopia and Liberia remained independent in Africa.
  • Port Arthur

    Japanese navy attacked Port Arthur and defeated the Russian navy at Tsushima
  • Entente Cordiale

    Russia-England-France alliance
  • Mukden

    Japan defeated Russia at Mukden
  • First Moroccan crisis

    Germany was willing to protect Morocco from French in order to weaken France.
    Britain called a conference in Algeciras and threatened Germany with war.
  • England-Russia

    England and Russia created alliance
  • Second Moroccan Crisis

    Second Moroccan Crisis
    Panther Jump
    Britains threating with war again
  • First Balkan War

    The Balkan League(alliance contained the Slavic nations and Greece) attacked Turkey and won.
  • Second Balkan War

    Balkan League turned against Bulgaria because they were afraid of it's increasing power.
  • Period: to

    Second Industrial revoluion

  • Period: to

    Anglo-Boer Wars

  • Period: to

    Russian-Japanese war